This transcription tool could be a game changer for newsrooms

Trint won GEN’s Startups for News competition at the GEN Summit in Vienna in June 2016. This September, Trint officially launched. CEO & Co-Founder Jeff Kofman, Emmy-winning war correspondent and foreign correspondent who spent more than 30 years reporting for ABC News, CBS News and CBC News, answered a few questions for us…

GEN: Can you tell us a little about your launch? Are you excited?

How do you think automation can help newsroom without discrediting the journalist’s work?

“We want your project to succeed, but understand that we will never touch it until we know we are working with transcripts you can trust.”

What is the next big innovation coming to video according to you?

Trint CEO and Co-Founder, Jeff Kofman

Can transcription be used in parallel with translation in the near future? This could be a real game changer, especially for live videos…

Newsrooms often have a lot of videos in their archives. Is a tool like Trint able to give those a second life thanks to transcription? How is that?

Trint website capture

There is a lot of speech-to-text software on the market. What makes Trint different?

What will be Trint Ltd’s next new feature? Can you give us any hint?

Jeff Kofman receiving the Startups For News price last June during the GEN Summit 2016 in Vienna

Startups for News

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Startups for News

Bridging the gap between media startups and editors