5 things IT professionals should never say in a Millennial company.

We are restructuring the way we think of “IT” at Sample Supports. We are building a team of innovators that want to be a part of defining our culture and HOW we work. I’ve learned a few things while watching a revolving door of “experienced IT professionals” come in and out until we could define our “Dream Team”. I’ve also learned the five things that make me want to scream NEXT…..

  1. “I think you guys need a $15,000 server”. I think if one more IT person suggests this my head might pop off and roll across the room and then bounce between our multiple locations where our employees WORK REMOTELY. We don’t need to pay somebody to maintain something that is unnecessary. Google can do it and it never goes out-of-date.
  2. “I want to make 100k a year because of my 25 years of experience”. Know this — the first 24.5 years are kind of irrelevant. That sucks, but now you need to overcompensate to show your relevance. 25 years of “technical” experience working with ancient systems does not equate to what we need right now.
  3. “I would suggest using outlook as your email server”. Or not….let’s use google and make everyone’s lives easier…. Ya know, the calendars and the email and the drive and the google docs and all the apps….all the things. Let’s keep it simple.
  4. “Let me research that and get back to you in a week”. How about 10 minutes? I can research, find and download anything in about 2 minutes….in a thing called GOOGLE. I can then roll it out in a company wide workflow in less than 10 minutes.
  5. “I’m not sure about that app — I’d rather stick with what I know”. Wrong answer — every time.

Keep up, IT.

Here is my advice of how to make yourself invaluable:

  1. IT is in the business of ordering/purchasing. Be good at that. This is where you save me money and this is where you earn your 100k a year salary… through bonuses.
  2. Remote working is the name of the game. Any way to make this culture choice more effective is what I need.
  3. Figure out ways to protect information and company liability. The owner is always worried about this, so align yourself upwards by doing this well.
  4. Learn leadership skills. That is where your 25 years might come in handy — the ability to lead and manage a team effectively is highly valuable. There are lots of new graduates that know more than everyone else — they need to be led by someone with people skills to harness their unique skillsets.
  5. Don’t be afraid of new things. They may be scary because you have never used them before — go ahead and try something new. It will increase your relevance and your value. Remember that Millennials don’t mind as much if something fails, as long as we fail quickly. We learn best from our mistakes.

Also, remember that IT can be quirky and loved at the same time. It is the backbone of the company and if done well, is loved and respected by everyone that is able to do their work more effectively.

Even Millennials know the “IT Guy” SNL skit by Jimmy Fallon is definitely one of the best.

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