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Encryption. Ask anyone randomly the first word that comes to mind and you probably won’t hear encryption often. I would say that maybe the recent government rollback on Internet privacy rules might lead a few more of us to ratchet up encryption talk, but that might be optimistic thinking.

We’ve already had the Snowden revelations, after all, and we’ve done very little to protect the vast majority of our data and communications. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Tony Bradley likens our exchanges to putting your personal information on a postcard and sending out for everyone to see.

What gives? Are we reckless? Lazy? Ignorant? Why do we routinely risk the embarrassment and damage of our data being stolen?

Jason Thomas of Thomson Reuters Special Services offers up a simple explanation to this curious mystery. “For most, it’s about convenience,” he writes. We don’t know how to set up encryption, how to make it work. And so we carry on in our daily work, pushing the dangers out of mind.

The solution that might resolve the convenience issue: a click.

Seald is a one-click encryption tool for protecting documents, messages, posts, photos, videos, etc. Available as a Chrome extension, you can encrypt your files and communications with a simple highlight and right click. With macOS and Windows computers, you can also drag and drop documents on your desktop into the Seald drop zone for easy encryption.

One click and done. Straightforward and easy enough to manage, right? The one big hangup is that both the sender and recipient need to have Seald for it to play its part at the moment, but the company says it’s working on changing that.

“Our goal,” the creators of Seald announce, “is to protect the privacy of Internet users, regardless of their skills or the application on which they communicate.”
Email, Facebook, Slack, Dropbox… Most of us work with several points of vulnerability. One click is about as little as possible to ask of us to adequately safeguard information. And it’s free!

With an Individual account, you can encrypt an unlimited number of documents and messages. A Pro Plan for teams of more than five collaborators begins at 6.99€ per user, per month, and includes a number of additional features.

And if you’re still asking yourself if workplace encryption is necessary, “Security Guru” Bruce Schneier says, “It [encryption] protects our data from criminals. It protects it from competitors, neighbors, and family members. It protects it from malicious attackers, and it protects it from accidents.”

No one wants to wind up on the wrong end of a security breach. Watch the demo, learn more details, or request an invite to join the Seald beta here.

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