Best Slack apps and integrations for a product manager — Part 3/3

The list of 100+ tools to satisfy product managers’ needs within Slack, served in 3 parts.

Here is the third part of the list of Slack apps and integrations for a product manager. This part is about marketing, design and content.

Table of contents:

I. Management

  • task management;
  • agile development;

II. Communications

  • meetings and communications;
  • customer communications;
  • team management;

III. Marketing

  • sales and marketing;
  • design and content management;
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I. Design and Content Management

1. Design collaboration


It’s a collaboration tool for designers and developers that allows you to save time with one-click design handoff, specs, and assets generation. Sympli works with Photoshop, Sketch, Xcode, Android Studio and Web projects. Its Slack integration sends notifications of design updates, style guide changes, and comments.

Price: $15/mo


It’s a browser extension to make screenshots, add notes and share them directly to Slack. This feature is a part of service, which is no longer about the design but about coding. Sometimes it is easier to show an example than to write 100 words.

Price: $19/mo

Website Screenshots

You enter a command with the desired URL and then this bot delivers a screenshot of that URL to a Slack channel. It’s not a must-have app, but it may be useful in some cases.

Price: free

2. Prototype development

Well, you can use Cacoo or Lucidchart as mentioned earlier for this purpose, but here we’d like to list tools focused mainly on prototyping.

💡 We wanted to see the integration with Axure, but it’s not yet there. Who’d like to build that one? Here is the link to their API.


It is wireframing and design prototyping platform. Marvel’s Slack integration sends notifications of any activity like comments, updates to a specified Slack channel. The service also has apps for iOS, Android, and Apple TV.

Price: from free to $48/mo for 4 users


It’s UX, wireframe and prototyping tool. HotGloo makes it very easy to visualize the planning processes, build and test interactions with the modules of a website or an application. The service sends notifications to Slack of activities happened in your work space.

Price: $13/mo


You can use this service for wireframing, prototyping and user testing. UXPin sends activity notifications to Slack, and these notifications are more advanced comparing to Marvel and HotGloo.

Price: $19 user/mo

3. Content management


It’s the Slack bot from the super-popular service for email newsletters. You will receive notification in Slack when someone subscribes and unsubscribes from your lists and can see the status of a campaign.

Price: free, upgrade starts at $10/mo


You can find and hire freelancers directly from Slack with Shido. It can be used as an additional way to search for contractors for various tasks, a sort of Uber for freelancers. Shido claims they have a list of hand-selected proven professionals (eg writers from Inc, The Guardian, and The Examiner), who can be trusted.

Price: $39 per 4-hour task


This app is for recruiting either one freelancer or a whole team. The format itself is interesting, you send a task in Slack, and then a real person answers you and you both agree on the details via Slack. So you don’t have outsiders on your Slack team, but at the same you can communicate on tasks with others without leaving your Slack window.

Price: from $19/hour

Slash Photo

Search for photos from Unsplash, Flickr and Shutterstock using Slash Photo. It saves time on switching between multiple sites, just type Slack command “/photo {search term}” and receive results right away.

Price: free


It’s a tool to search for food photos, content for a website or just an inspiration. If you want to get a random photo of something delicious, type the Slack command “/fridgg” or add exactly what you’re looking for, i.e. “/fridgg pizza”.

Don’t visit their website if you’re hungry 🍕🍝

Price: free


It’s a proofreading concierge in Slack that helps you to proofread emails, tweets, google documents or any other texts. Nurtz is always there and it’s completely human powered.

Price: free up to 100 words, then $0,02 per word

Content Tracker

It’s a tool for measuring the efficiency of content marketing. You will be notified directly in Slack when someone puts a link to your webpage, when your article reaches a certain number of views (Google Analytics sync is required) or when your content suddenly becomes viral.

Price: free up to 20 articles


This integration allows you to subscribe to any RSS or Atom feed URL and receive updates directly in Slack. It saves your time on switching between windows but can be distractive.

Similar product: RSS Fox

Price: free


You can connect Slack to IFTTT to get a new entry added to an RSS feed, getting not only all the news in one place but also updates with fashion pics from Instagram, for example 😁

Price: free


It’s news aggregator if you want to to receive all updates in one place. It works in real-time.

Price: free

II. Sales and Marketing

1. Sales and CRM

Here are the most popular CRM tools integrated with Slack.


It’s a Slack bot that promotes personalized sales and helps to sell more. Clari reminds you about a transactions, and occasions when you should contact a customer. It’s main use case is for increasing sales, but in general, the product is made for Forecast Management, Pipeline Inspection, Opportunity Management.

The founders admit that Clari is the most intelligent machine learning bot for sales on Slack Platform. Troops, what would be your response on that?

Price: on request


This bot is designed purely for Slack. Troops allows you to interact with your Salesforce account and delivers smart notifications to Slack. You can search for any Salesforce records, pull and schedule reports, configure triggers based on Salesforce data and celebrate wins with gifs via Troops’ Sales Gong.

Price: starts from free


It allows you to personalize customer messages to increase the number of leads. You will get notifications from Autopilot in Slack when a customer passes a certain stage in the customer journey (for example, a demo request). Thus, it is assumed that your team will be more motivated due to the greater transparency in the business processes.

Price: from $25/mo


This service allows you to monitor news and events of your key customers and partners. Attentive helps you to find one more reason for a contact.

Price: free, but limited to 10 profiles


It’s a lead-scoring based on in-app behavior. The app notifies you in Slack when an important customer signs up so that your salespeople are able to react quickly.

Price: from $249/mo


It’s a marketing platform for e-commerce and online marketing. Vextras connects to your online store and notifies you in Slack if something important happens. It has a lot of integrations with other services.

Price: from $9/mo


It’s an integration for your mailbox. There are many ways to use it but the main use case is for redirecting emails directly to any Slack channel (for example, all the emails for support may go to #support), notifications about the events (server not working, it’s raining, etc.). Only paid Slack teams can use it though.

Price: free, if you are on a paid plan in Slack

2. Analytics and monitoring


Google Analytics summarized in Slack that provides simple control over the actions and results of your own or third-party marketers. Arc sends a summary of daily, weekly or monthly data. In addition, it sends not only graphics but also text so that information is presented in a better way.

Price: from free to $9/mo


It’s a service which delivers data from App Store, Google Play and Windows Store to Slack. AppFollow helps to monitor and track your mobile app activities such as customer reviews, sales and downloads, ranks, keywords, updates and other metrics for mobile app promotion.

Price: from free to $9/mo


It’s a Slack bot for Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and Salesforce. Statsbot helps your team to see the data from these three sources without leaving Slack.

Price: from $5 to $25 user/mo


It’s an ad manager for Facebook and Instagram campaigns in Slack. The aim of the service is the advertising optimization. You get alerts about changes in CTR and CPC, view your stats or schedule reports inside Slack. Also, the bot can be used for Google Adwords as well.

Price: $10/mo


Mention provides simple real-time media monitoring and analytics of your product mentions on the web and social media. You can choose how to be notified, either from all the sources or from some particular one. You get real-time alerts and daily stats digest stats directly inside Slack.

Price: from $29/mo


It’s a tool for analytics and reporting for SQL and Python. You can receive a daily report in Slack (ad hoc analysis) based on SQL request and share insights with teammates members without switching to specialized tools.

Price: from free to $250/mo

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