Startup + Community = Great Things Together


It’s too dangerous to go it alone. You know this and I know this. We achieve so much more together, as a team, than without one. Going “solo” sounds sexy and looks pretty cool on the silver movie screen, but, those are fantastical (but entertaining!) lies that we should never try to emulate.

Instead, let’s do it together — whatever “it” is. I was reminded starkly of this when we received this comment in The Bitcoin Pub, a new but growing community of crytocurrency enthusiasts:

via The Bitcoin Pub

The text is below:

Guys I just wanted all of you to know. This thing that we all are a part of, what ever it is, means so damn much to me. It’s the first time in my life that I feel such a huge desire to be a part of a community.
And it’s not at all about the money, what it is about is strength, not as a single unit (as im used to) but as a group, a network, a system and I really feel that we will accomplish great things together. A big thank you to our coordinator, @peter!

This new user, just after two weeks of signing up to the site, has already experienced the true essence of what my brother was trying to accomplish: That it’s far better to learn and grow together than doing it by oneself.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are naturally about finances, making money, and building wealth. But this, of course, is just a small part of what’s really going on as there are a million other things that are just as exciting about this new market, industry, technology, and protocol.

But this community member figured it out, understood what it was really about: It wasn’t just about the money and the dollars to be made but the fact that there is a better way to do life; that life together, in community with others, is better, more satisfying, and frankly, more fun.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We can, of course, do this in the meatspace but we can also have the same feelings and connection online. Many of us have done this and experienced what this is like.

The question, of course, is how engaged you are and how committed you are to sticking around, through the ups and downs and through the growing pains of building something together.

Just like a new startup and the community that begins to gel around the project, you have to spend just as much time building the product as you are telling other people about it.

This is why marketing is such a fundamental part of a new project’s success. You start immediately, even before you write a single line of code. This is why I’ve counseled many folks who are starting new ventures to start marketing from the very first day.

It’s what I do with every single project that I build. The 50/50 rule. Always and forever. And this makes sense, of course, because the story of how you’ve put the project and company together started way before you ever registered for the domain name, right?

The sports team metaphor is always useful.

But here’s the real kicker: There are folks who are literally waiting for you to execute against this principle! Thousands of digital natives who want to be part of your new project, who are excited to join your community, and who simply do not know it yet.

They haven’t been told. They haven’t been introduced quite yet. They may not even know that they need your specific community yet. And that’s because you haven’t spent the time and resources to give them a place to give you feedback. You haven’t given them an opportunity to thank you for your (future) work.

Startups live and die by their customers. Startups live and die by the story that powers the product. Startups need a community around founders and the product to have any chance of making it out of the starting block.

So why wouldn’t you spend just a little bit of time working on the community? You don’t have to go crazy with it and starting small is sometimes more than enough.

If you won’t do it then there’s a very good chance that no one else will.

You want to do great things with your startup, your project, and your business. To do great things you’re going to have to do great things together, with a waiting community that’ll push you positively forward.

Don’t forget about them.

Originally published at John Saddington.