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Top Stories of the Week

America is becoming majority minority, and it is high time health and beauty products for people of color move up from the bottom, dusty shelf of a drugstore and get a hip upgrade. Enter: Tristan Walker — The brain behind Bevel, a line of razors and shave accessories aimed at solving specific skin problems for people of color. While Silicon Valley haven’t grasped just how under served this market still is — Tristan and his team have focused on improving through user feedback and growing steadily — With a focus on diversity. / Sarah Lacy interviews Tristan Walker, Founder @ Walker & Co.

When you pull back the curtain on the “Millionaire Dream”; you’ll find that most of the things on the other side are things that you already have. The next rung on the ladder is not where your salvation hides — so, whether you have ten or two zeros in your bank account — begin to understand and then appreciate what truly makes you happy. / DHH, Founder @ Basecamp

Launching a startup can happen in a blink of an eye — But, it takes time to turn it into a bona fide business. You should expect to spend 4 years just to get moving in the right direction, and between 7 and 10 years to make your startup the success you dreamed it would be. There is a pattern to how the first few, formative years come together, because we essentially walk along the same entrepreneurial path, regardless of market. / Wil Schroter; Founder @

It’s challenging to deliver singularly intelligent and context-aware applications for each individual user who uses your product. It’s much easier to build something that is pretty good for a majority, and then seek funding to expand. But, as computing grows faster, cheaper and more easily managed — future disruptors will be those that invest in delighting each and every user. / Andy Rosic; Founder + Entrepreneur

There are plenty of books on running a startup and lots of advice for operating a large company — but not a lot for inbetween steps, when you’re building and growing. Stop trying to drive without a roadmap — start an advisory board, and invite CEO’s who have been through this phase. Take it a step further and get a 1:1 CEO coach, or join a CEO peer group. There is strength in numbers and through lived experiences. / Steve Blank; Adjunct Professor @ Stanford

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