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Maximize balance.

Every entrepreneurs struggles…Yes, even Elon Musk. Heading up both Tesla and SpaceX was never the original plan, and unsustainable at that. But, by building a stronger team and selectively adding talent and expertise through levels at both companies, Musk was able to maximize his productivity and have some semblance of work/life balance.
Sarah Lacy — Interview with Elon Musk /

Top Stories of the Week

Bootstrapping doesn’t mean you can’t raise money. It means you’re smart enough to not raise money in the early stages — even when everyone else is. Be patient…It’s worth the extra time to build a startup that you own 100% of — with customers, revenue and absolute proof of product-market fit before you approach investors. 
Mitchell Harper / Medium

When founding a startup, which of these different methods is best? Don’t think of them as mutually exclusive — instead blend them together to to build a well-rounded company. The benefits are endless if you get it right — make it part of your practice, your culture, your DNA. Keep in mind that any process is only as good as the people practicing it — so choose your team wisely. 
Cauri Jaye / Rhubarb Studios

Entrepreneurship demands more grit than glamour. Success often means making mistakes, bravely picking up the pieces, and trying again. The process is equal parts grueling and exhilarating. Learn from those who have gone before you. Asking for advice is much better than blindly repeating history.
Elise Mitchell /

It’s difficult to flesh out and build a strategy. There are so many dimensions that may influence the direction you take. A good strategy answers questions like “Should I post feature X, Y or Z first?” and “Which customers should I target first?” into a conclusion on how to proceed. Keep in mind, though — A strategy isn’t a roadmap. Roadmaps are the output of strategy. Real strategy has already figured out what you’re building/targeting/etc…and why.
Brandon Chu / The Black Box of Product Management

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