Jeronimo De Leon
Mar 17, 2018 · 2 min read

This is not a job, this is not work, this is life

When starting your entrepreneurial journey. One of the first things you’re going to need to get right. Is the mindset you’re going to need to have, to make your endeavor successful. You definitely cannot think of this like another job or even think that the tasks you have at hand are work. Because its going to take more than the normal employee mindset to build something great. To create something successful, you will need to think of this as life. One of the biggest milestones in your life. Think to yourself, how many times in life are you going to do this. You bringing life into this world, bringing life into a company that was not there before. And like bringing in life into this world. You’re going to have the same level of fear, same level of doubt if you can do this, require the same level of effort and more.

The start is typically the hardest as its so new and you’re not used to it. There is going to be a lot of new things you’re going to have to learn and work out. Do a lot of research, learn a lot of new things, find support in areas you’ve never needed before. It’s going to keep you up at night, it’s going to take up more of your time than you expected. But remember people have done this before and succeeded, you’re not the first person to try. Every situation is going to be different. Know that there are people and communities that are here to help you through these early times.

As time goes on and your company grows, so must you. You will need to grow and level up at every new stage. New skills you will need to develop, new challenges you will face. By this time, you should have a established a trusted team that is along with you for this journey. Helping grow and breath life into your company. A team of people working together, with a common goal, supporting, building and growing.

As the leader, you must lead by example. As the company will follow your lead and will grow and mature as you do. They will look up to you for direction. Look up to you to set the pace. Look up to you to keep this going. There are situations where the company may outgrow you. But you should be self aware to know, if you can keep up and be the one to keep growing it or know when to hand over the reigns.

Know that one day the company will have a life of its own. At the start you must first bring the company to life, you must first make your life about the company.

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Jeronimo De Leon

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Product Marketing at Deep Learning Platform / Founder of www.Welcome.AI

Amazing content for Startup Founders, by Startup Founders.

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