Video Gives New Products Needed Exposure on Pitchsome

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The cardinal rule for creative writing students is “show, don’t tell.” In other words, people are not engaged by an explanation of details. Being talked to does not encourage participation. To capture an audience’s attention, a writer must make people see and feel and turn words into real life experience (as much as this is possible).

“Show, don’t tell” is a good rule to follow as well for people looking to sell new products and inventions. Lists of features, brochures, and other visual aids are useful for records and reference, but they don’t excite the imagination. They don’t stir people to picture using something themselves, to sense how a device might actually improve their lives.

Enter video into the picture. Since it’s often not feasible to put physical objects into the hands of prospective buyers, video allows creators to demonstrate how something works. To see it in action. To immediately grasp the value of a product and gain a more thorough understanding in a short amount of time.

Startup Pitchsome, “the world’s first video selling and buying platform,” is out to help inventors, startups, successful Kickstarters and others use video to sell their products to more customers.

Founder and CEO Junaid Sahebzada says: “I came to the idea of the platform when I saw that a company, which was 100% funded through a crowdfunding website, shut down just a few months after the campaign. Small companies still struggle to get the attention of customers in their specific niches. This is why I came up with the idea of a platform that is taking care of product sales while founders focus on development and further improvements.”

Pitchsome offers three packages for pitching on the platform. Pricing varies according to the number of products to be advertised and extra promotional tools added. All plans begin with a free trial period.


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