StartupToken Blockchain March 2018 Hackathon in Paris

Benjamin Merchin
Mar 22, 2018 · 4 min read

The second ‘StartupToken Hackathon’ took place this past weekend (16–18 March) at our new location at Work & Share, Paris.

Friday evening, teams were assembled with participants coming from all over the world to meet, greet and kick off the event.

The following day, the Hackathon took off in full swing lasting 48 hours, with some even crashing on working space couches to maximize amount of time working on their projects.

The participants were divided into five groups of six:

Universal Reward Token :

A blockchain-based, universal reward protocol where retailers can reward shoppers for a multitude of behaviors like simply visiting the store. By accepting to share their shopping path data with the network, a shopper earns reward tokens, while the data is used securely by retailers to build redemption offers that best suit each customer’s needs.

Shoppers can redeem their tokens through these exclusive and personalized offers.

enContrôle :

A tool to control and share personal data for a smarter society by allowing a user to specify what information to share with other parties and for how long.

A user will be financially rewarded for sharing his or her data. It also includes a verification process that rewards with reputation and tokens.

Audition :

Audition is a philanthropy web application mixing streaming music content with funding of artistic projects.

The Audition project relies on the Blockchain technology in order to redistribute donations in an equitable and transparent way, without intermediaries through customisable Smart-Contracts.

Blockchain x GDPR :

A project aiming to help small businesses to comply with the new upcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) European rules.

The company plans to provide multiple tools: API clients, plug-ins for e-commerce customer management services, dashboard for data and a GDPR-legal proof.

Pooler :

A decentralised saving circle: a saving circle is a group of individuals who agree to meet for a defined period in order to borrow & save together, a form of combined peer-to-peer banking and peer-to-peer lending. Pooler is built with the Ethereum Blockchain that allows traceability and transparency of the transactions, and use the Dether protocol to be able to access customers mainly in developed countries.

And the winners of StartupToken March Hackathon are :

Project Universal Reward Protocol

(Yves Benchimol, Jean-Baptiste Gérard, Yohan Maurin, Louis Millon, Sebastien Miller and Steve Thijssen)

Special mention to the team enContrôle for Technical excellence.

(Malcolm Cauchi, Loui Mercieca and Sharlene Micallef)

And to the team Audition “Coup de Coeur” of the jury.

(Vincent Arnaud, Rhalid Bouakhris, Melchior Garrigues, Zacharie Lamazière, Michaël Marcus and Sebastien Villette)

Congratulations to everyone who participated, all the projects came up with incredibly innovative ideas and worked incredibly hard.

Special thanks to the amazing mentors who helped every team during the weekend and the members of our jury: Frédéric Ocana, cybersecurity and cyberdefense specialist for La Banque de France, who spent hours coaching each project, Alejandro Banzas, technical advisor from RSK Labs, Daniel Halber, program Manager at HID Global, and Eddy Travia, CEO of Coinsilium. Yacine Teraï and Sebastien Rouxel represented StartupToken in the jury.

Thanks for everyone who had attended, see you at our next Hackathon or our next Blockchain Thursday’s meetup in Paris!

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