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Denver StartupWeekend Success Story Rachio Returns as a Sponsor

Rachio, a Denver-based technology startup that is launching a revolutionary smart sprinkler controller, is coming back to StartupWeekend Denver, where it got its start only two short years ago. This time, it’s coming as a sponsor, and a success story.

StartupWeekend is a worldwide series of events where startups are born in 54 hours. For Colorado entrepreneur Chris Klein, Rachio’s CEO, the 2012 event in Denver was the start of a dream.

“Going into the weekend, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was in between ideas and was mostly looking to meet new people and work with any team that would have me. I ended up pitching a problem and a team formed around it. A year and a half later, our solution to the problem has become a real product in the market.”

Since that first feverish weekend in 2012, the pace has not slowed. The Rachio team has moved forward at breakneck speed, leveraging the support of the Colorado startup community to bring a new consumer tech product to market nationwide. And it all stemmed from a desire to do something about sustainability. Klein explains:

“Our products represent a shift in the way people can interact with one of their most precious assets, their yard. We believe our landscapes should be a source of enjoyment and peace while adding to a sustainable future. Our mission is to continue to create things that help them be just that.”

For long-time StartupWeekend organizer Jon Rossi, who launched the first Denver event in October of 2010, Rachio is just one in a long list of Denver success stories.

Companies like ReportGrid, Ubooly, Rental Kharma, and Brandfolder have all benefited from these events. It’s how ideas are validated and cofounders are introduced to the Startup community. Local leaders like FullContact,, and Alchemy API have seen the value of these events and continue to sponsor and support the community.

This time Rossi will be the facilitator for this year’s StartupWeekend Denver 6, supporting a new organizing team led by Josh Leong. The event will take place June 27-29 2014 at Galvanize, a larger venue than usual, and features a strong roster of Judges and Mentors, and the backing of powerful sponsors. As Leong explains, this will make a big difference to the teams:

Our teams will have more support than ever before, in terms of mentoring, free API keys and other goodies. For the winning team, the prizes are amazing, ranging from thousands of dollars in legal and UX consulting to a month of free coworking space. We welcome all developers, designers and growth hackers to come give their dreams a chance.
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Rachio is a Colorado-based company whose products represent a shift in the way people can interact with one of their most precious assets, their yard. Rachio currently offers Iro, the smart irrigation controller, on sale at Home Depot. Iro is just the start. Learn more at

Startup Weekend is a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. It is the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs with over 1800 past events in 120 countries around the world in 2014.

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