Our 2019 Year In Review

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3 min readDec 31, 2019


As 2019 comes to an end, let’s review some highlights throughout the year!


Left: HK: Frontier of Fintech, Right: Mentoring sessions at Seedstars Summit

Following our aim to foster startup innovation and entrepreneurship in the ecosystem, StartupX has organized and taken part in various startup events around the region, such as the HK: Frontier of FinTech roadshow, Taiwan Startup Week, Seedstars Summit, and more!

Through mentoring of regional startups and participating in panel discussions, we were heartened to see eager entrepreneurs come forward to seek advice and help from us to develop their ideas and grow their startups.

There’s definitely so much more that we hope to achieve to support these entrepreneurs in the coming year.


Left: Startup Weekend Singapore 2019, Right: HyperHack Global Sustainability Hackathon 2019

A hackathon that gathers like-minded people to brainstorm, design products and validate ideas with high calibre mentors and judges. That’s what we have always strived to achieve when we organize hackathons, which was why we provided our utmost support for Startup Weekend Singapore.

Our drive for sustainability-driven innovations also brought about a successful run for the first phase of the HyperX Hackcelerator, the HyperHack global sustainability hackathon as well.


The Start Pre-Accelerator

But as innovators come together to generate sustainability startup ideas, what happens next? It’s definitely a waste to simply encourage innovation through hackathons and letting these valuable ideas die off thereafter.

Hence, we ran The Start — a pre-accelerator powered by StartupX in partnership with Temasek. Through The Start, 10 early-stage startups showcased their companies to an audience of over 300 investors, founders, startups, media, and friends from the community at The Start Demo Day.

From tackling fashion sustainability to improving workforce management systems, get to know more about The Start teams by reading their articles here!


Left: China-ASEAN New Smart City Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, Right: *SCAPE Creative Fellowship

In our efforts to build thriving startup ecosystems, corporate partnerships also played a big part in providing entrepreneurs access to support, resources and network for their startups to succeed and make a better future.

Such is shown at the 2019 China-ASEAN New Smart City Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition — a startup competition supported by the governing body in the Chinese city of Nanning, and the *SCAPE Creative Fellowship programme — an intensive 20-week programme of creative business support, aimed to help creative talent seize opportunities, learn to be globally competitive, and equip themselves with essential business skills to jumpstart their startups.

In the coming year, look forward to seeing what other corporate partnerships we have in store for you!

As 2020 comes around, we hope to bring in more startup events and programmes to spur on the startup ecosystem and ignite the innovative spark in everyone.

What else do you hope to see in 2020?




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