What Will It Take To Save the World?

My takeaways from winning HyperHack — The World’s First Sustainability Hackcelerator

Arpit Bansal
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6 min readNov 19, 2019


The year is 2019.

You are reading this article on a device over the internet thanks to telecom companies that have laid underwater internet cables spanning the globe. The food you had today covered a long distance to reach you — from government-subsidized farmlands to processing plants and finally to your doorstep.

At any given day, the confluence of commerce, politics, technology, culture, and economics moves us collectively into the future. But it’s complicated.

Why should complexity matter?

There’s a good reason for this. And it has to do with our ability to tackle upcoming global challenges effectively, specifically around building a sustainable and better future.

See, every good superhero story has a villain, a backstory, an endless amount of complications and a moment of uncertainty about whether the good will prevail. And in the end, it does.

Today’s conversations about climate change sound similar. We have a common villain, a 200,000 year long backstory, a LOT of complications and definitely a high level of uncertainty about the potential to win against all odds. But it’s possible. We just need some superpowers.

Let me take a step back. Why am I writing about sustainability?

Recently I took part in HyperHack, the world’s first Sustainability Hackcelerator organized by StartupX and Temasek in Singapore. My team and I built Carbon Wallet — The World’s First Carbon Footprint Intelligence Platform.

Carbon Wallet — The World’s First Carbon Footprint Intelligence Platform

My teammate Kevin has written about the hackathon process in detail here.

This post is my attempt to build on my learnings from winning the HyperX hackathon and my larger experience of working at an Agri & Climate Change VC fund based out of Singapore and India which aims to nurture profitable and sustainable businesses by bringing capital, technology, supply chain…



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