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Winning HyperHack 2019

HyperHack is a 52-hour startathon organised by StartupX. Their vision is to foster a more sustainable-driven world that goes beyond just hackathon to make an impact in the world

My tip on choosing fun ideas in hackathon for developer is to envision the process of building the product. Go with the idea that you can envision building in 52 hours — time is very short. You need to understand your skillsets well.

Carbon Wallet is a carbon footprint intelligence platform. We want every consumer to internalise their contribution to the carbon footprint in every of their purchases and guide them to choose a more sustainable alternative.

Introducing the team from left to right — Wilson, Arpit, Linh, Maureen, Rachel and Me(Kevin)
One of our pitch deck slides designed by Rachel — Carbon Wallet Product

One interesting discovery from the primary survey is that people are more concerned about how their health is impacted from the carbon emission. We realised that innately, we are selfish creatures and we care more about ourselves than the environment as a whole.

One challenge that we faced was trying to figure out a compelling reason for businesses to work with us in our B2B business model. I think a lot of people have the assumption that being sustainable/eco-friendly is not profitable and therefore it is a difficult area to navigate as a business venture. Hence, we have to break that assumption and show them how we can be profitable and also sustainable at the same time.



StartupX is an innovation, venture and startup enabler. We work with companies with the goal to drive impactful innovation on a global scale.

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