How to laser cut curves from Autodesk Maya

Stas Darevskiy
May 14, 2018 · 2 min read

Just use my plugin :D

You feed it Bezier curves, and it will spit out an SVG file that automatically works with laser cutters.

The tool takes these
And makes these


Here is my basic write-up on how to use my plugin

1. Download my tool at the bottom of the page and install it

Make sure you have ran Maya at least once before or it will fail

All you gotta do is press the big green button

2. Find my tool in Maya. It is located in the “Stas” shelf

Clicking the red icon opens my tool

3. Setup the tool.

Choose your export location (important), and change anything else you might need to change. It is setup by default for laser cutting with a Trotec Engraver

Tool setup

3. Select your Bezier Curves, and press Export!

If the tool doesn’t work, it is probably because you tried NURBs Curves. You can convert them to Bezier by going to Modify -> Convert -> Convert NURBs to Bezier

A Bezier Curve

4. Done!

Your magical SVG file should be ready to use! Load it up on to Adobe Illustrator and go cut it out with the laser cutter :)

Final product!




If you’re having trouble with Windows, run the file called (stas-maya-plugins.Setup.1.0.1.exe) AFTER extracting the zip file



Also if you want to see my source and maybe make your own version, feel free:

Stas’s Blog

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