Stashverse for macOS is all about organizing your digital life

Terrillo Walls
Nov 22 · Unlisted

Meet Stashverse, a new mac app for collecting and manage bookmarks, notes, colors, and more. Easily reference later grouped into collections.

Stashverse is indie project built by yours truly. I’m building a passion project. Something I use every day. Something that is really important to me. Something that I can stand behind publicly.

Stashverse was founded around organizing your digital life. Bookmarks and notes are just the beginning. The true vision of Stashverse is to assist with large projects from an organizational standpoint to research. Imagine a single place to put notes, bookmarks, colors, Github Repos, documents, videos, and audio files. No need to have Dropbox for this and a notes app for that. The underlying value of Stashverse is context parsing. The method of trying to understand everything you save in Stashverse. If you save an article for example. How about some more info about the author with the ability to add highlights and notes. This is just the beginning.

The project is currently in “Phase 1” and is currently available for macOS. Apps for iPhone and iPad coming soon. Check out the roadmap.

Currently in beta and coming soon to the Mac App Store in December 2021. Taking the process of beta testing very seriously. I failed at this in previous projects. I spent too much time building in a silo. Not only is validation important but also just listening to any feedback.

Started with macOS because I wanted to build a good Mac. I spend a lot of time working on my MacBook and I don’t have a lot of apps I love. I’m not saying Stashverse is the best Mac app right now but, every time I open Xcode that’s what I keep in the back of my head.

Swift and macOS development is very new to me. I’ve made apps in the past but, I’ve never been able to build what I vision. Because, I had a MVP of Stashverse for for so long I’m really happy where things are. I plan to share more about my development process in the next couple of months as I move to UIKit for the iOS and iPadOS version.

Thanks for reading. Please give Stashverse a try. A follow on Twitter would be great as well. All feedback is welcomed!!


Organize your bookmarks and digital life