Nov 6, 2018 · 3 min read
Stasia is a Crypto-Fandom platform where you can show support to your favorite celebrities by purchasing idol tokens.

Support your IDOLS with LOVE & Cryptocurrency

■ Our Mission
Our mission is to create a crypto-fandom ecosystem that will discover Asian entertainers with great potential, help them grow, and propel them into the global spotlight.

■ Problem
Every year, thousands of aspiring Asian idols strive to become stars. However, most of these idols, outside of those in major agencies, lack the marketing and funds needed to improve their talents and prospects. They work without ever catching their big break, and eventually fade from memory. Fans also provide both tangible and intangible support to idols, but are not recognized for their contributions to their idols’ successes, nor do they enjoy fair compensation.

STASIA is the solution
Create a venue for promising idols to tokenize their future value and receive support through cryptocurrency, and form a blockchain-based ecosystem that fairly compensates the fans contributing to their success through proof-of-support contracts.

STASIA: Sustainable Idol Fandom Ecosystem

■Market Potential

■Business model

■ Tokens we introduce

★ Goal of releasing over 100 IDOL TOKENs

Participants can acquire rewards by purchasing STASIA TOKENs, the key currency of the STASIA ecosystem, or by contributing to the ecosystem.

Participants can acquire rewards by purchasing the tokens of specific idol groups during their token sales, or contributing to the growth of the idol groups (e.g., Dreamcatcher Token, Kqueens Token, Dinkel Token, Pinksky Token…)

■ Road Map

■ Reasons to purchase tokens
Korea’s Big Hit Entertainment realizes over 2.5 trillion won in value through BTS alone. Combining the blockchain’s transparency, fairness, and token economy with the K-pop industry could revolutionize the Asian entertainment market.

■ Growth strategies
To provide existing cryptocurrency holders and the 100 million+ K-Pop fans unique fan experiences and chances to participate through the token economy, the following strategies have been selected.

■ STASIA 1st IDOL TOKEN, Coming Soon

Official STARSIA channels

Stasia ENG

Get all the updates about STASIA: Idol Token


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Crypto-fandom platform supporting IDOLS

Stasia ENG

Get all the updates about STASIA: Idol Token

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