DRC AIRDROP, Coming Soon!

Nov 21, 2018 · 2 min read

Hong Kong-based idol token platform, STASIA, is releasing tokens that are directly distributed by the idols and their management companies. STASIA would like to provide fans with a differentiated fan experience that money cannot buy: a ‘Crypto-Fandom’ platform. This platform will transform the future value of idols with potential through tokenizing, creating paths that allow idols to be supported in the form of cryptocurrency, and rewarding fans, who are the contributors to the idols’ success, according to the ‘Proof of support’ agreement, fairly.

Dreamcatcher and STASIA’s first collaboration project is DRC token.

DRC Airdrop event is starting soon!

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What is Airdrop?

Airdrop is one of the various methods tokens can be obtained. Airdrop is the process where tokens are offered to fans’ personal wallet, free of charge. Fans are able to obtain DRC by following a few simple steps on the DRC Airdrop page.

What can you do with DREAMCATCHER TOKEN (DRC)?

Token holders can purchase not only Dreamcatcher’s goods and digital contents like unreleased videos and photos, they can also use their DRC tokens to gain exclusive benefits like priority ticket purchases for offline events, such as concert and fan-meeting. Above all, fans, as the token holders, can enjoy the reward as the market value of token increases, when the popularity of Dreamcatcher grows. (Market value changes according to the trade environment.)


Apart from the upcoming Airdrop event, the Dreamcatcher Token can be purchased during the token sale period. The token can also be received by completing activities that contribute to Dreamcatcher’s growth as a reward.

When is the official sale of DREAMCATCHER TOKEN (DRC)?

More details to be announced on STASIA’s homepage. Follow our blog, Twitter, Instagram and other official social media channels to get quick updates! Follow STASIA’s official channel to get the latest updates!

To Dreamcatcher and all the fans with STASIA:

The Airdrop event is starting on November 23, at 08:00 PM (GMT +9) KST.

We hope all the fans of Dreamcatcher can participate and support Dreamcatcher!
(*Event schedule may be subject to change under company circumstances.)

■ Official STASIA channels

Feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries.

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Crypto-fandom platform supporting IDOLS

Stasia ENG

Get all the updates about STASIA: Idol Token

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