Dreamcatcher Token Airdrop Event — Participation Guide

Nov 23, 2018 · 3 min read

The moment you have been waiting for…

Dreamcatcher Token Airdrop Event is finally launching today (23rd Nov) at 8PM (GMT/UTC + 9h)!

Here is how to participate in the Airdrop Event!

1. Visit the STASIA official website.

(Click STASIA Homepage)

2. Click on the ‘AIRDROP’ button on the main web banner.

■Sign Up on STASIA Website

Sign up separately on STASIA homepage or Sign up using Google+ or Facebook

■ Fill in participant details on Airdrop event page

There will be a form below the official Dreamcatcher token release video, Fill the form accordingly with your:

E-mail, name, country code, and cellphone number.

Click ‘Submit’ and your application is done!

Check your country code at [CountryCode.org]!

Go to this site (Click)

Token Event is based on KST Time Zone

The coin Distribution will be Scheduled on 30th November. Upon receiving a SMS message to the contact number provided, download and sign up for a cryptocurrency wallet on [Bitberry] app.

You will be able to confirm the distribution of 1 DRC in your wallet.

Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.

■Bitberry App User Guide (download, sign-up, create DRC wallet)

Download link: Google Store / App Store

■Bitberry Membership Sign-Up

  1. Sign up with Kakao Talk, Kakao Account OR Google Account
  2. Accept Terms & Conditions

3. Confirm your cellphone number

4. Enter transfer passcode.

5. Click on “Add Wallet”

DRC wallet successfully added!

For other inquires about Bitberry, please contact Bitberry Customer Service (:

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Stasia ENG

Get all the updates about STASIA: Idol Token

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