Dreamcatcher Token (DRC) Whitepaper in Series— ④ Dreamcatcher Token (DRC) Economy

Dec 1, 2018 · 5 min read
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Dreamcatcher Token (DRC) Whitepaper in Series

4. Dreamcatcher Token (DRC) Economy

Dreamcatcher is an idol girl band with sufficient potential to rise as the leading role of K-Pop in the global market. Continued support of fans is required for Dreamcatcher to present the fans with bigger-scale overseas concerts and refined albums. Dreamcatcher is looking forward to meeting with fans who have sang along their music since the beginning of the band despite the difference in language and culture. And there is need for appropriate means through which the band can properly recognize the interest and support toward them, continuously communicate with the fans, and provide fair compensation and benefit for them. And this is why we are launching Dreamcatcher Token for the fans all around the globe who believe in the potential of the band and support them.

4.1. Structure for Mutual Benefits of Dreamcatcher and Fans

4.2. Overview of Dreamcatcher Token

DRC Token Symbol

DRC is used to purchase tangible and intangible products provided by Dreamcatcher or to acquire special benefits. Also, holding DRC serves as digital membership.

How to Acquire
Acquisition through token sale
Acquisition through airdrop or bounty program
Acquisition through designated partner exchange (TBA)

4.3. Application of Dreamcatcher Token

Dreamcatcher tokens can be used to purchase products or to gain special benefits.
<Token Holder Special benefit>

4.4. Token Lock-Up

Dreamcatcher r eserve and its main partners including STASIA, BeCrypto, and BITBERRY shall implement voluntary lock-up for a year.

4.5. Token Distribution

4.6. Token Bonus Policy

Dreamcatcher token offers bonus token to token buyers according to sales stages.

4.7. Plan for Fund Management

The amount of money collected through token sale will be used for various activities including but not limited to Dreamcatcher’s album producing, concert, merchandising, and marketing. The ratio for each item can be changed according to circumstance

5. Roadmap

*The roadmap may be changed based on market conditions.

6. Conclusion

We are currently living the era where fandom is a part of our everyday lives. Perhaps we might be fans of someone. In the world that we’re living in, we can see stars we support every day through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Furthermore, we can ‘communicate’ with the stars by expressing our views and emotions in forms of comments. ‘Fandom’ is a word that describes us, those who share information and engage in emotional exchange with others in support of same stars.

However, despite being in a single fandom, the passion of each fan toward the stars differ. ‘If only my star could see my passion would I be even more passionate!’ But sadly our stars don’t have the tool to measure the passion of each and every fan. And so they cannot tell the difference between the old fan who had recognized the potential in them from the beginning and had been supporting them, to those who flatter themselves as fans after watching a clip of a variety show the stars were in.

However, crypto fandom begs to differ. The history of you being a fan of someone, and the supportive actions you have made are all clearly and fairly recorded on the blockchain. Stars will recognize you and compensate you for the ardent hope and passion you have devoted to supporting their success. The intimate relationship between the stars and the fans begins now.

And now, we proudly present to you the very first idol girl band which can be supported through crypto fandom, Dreamcatcher. We invite you to take part in their hopes and pursuit toward the world.

◎ This whitepaper was prepared to provide information on the purpose and plans for the Dreamcatcher Token Project, and was not written as an offer or solicitation for investment.

◎ The reader will be held responsible for the decisions he/she has made and the following consequences, and STASIA Limited and Happyface Entertainment Co. bears no liability or responsibility whatsoever.

◎ This whitepaper cannot be duplicated or amended without prior consent of STASIA Limited.

◎ The contents of this whitepaper are subject to change or amendment, with the updated version of the whitepaper bearing such changes can be accessed at STASIA website (http://www.stasia.asia).

STASIA strives to build a crypto-fandom ecosystem that will help excavate and grow Asian entertainers who are likely to grow and advance those globally.


Dreamcatcher Token (DRC) Whitepaper in series has come to an end.

Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.

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