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EURS Emissions exceeded 100 million

On the road to further success

“A ‘stablecoin’ is a type of cryptocurrency whose value is tied to an outside asset, such as the U.S. dollar, euros or gold, to stabilize the price.” CoinDesk

Malta, January 14th, 2022 — The year starts with great news for STASIS. We are pleased to announce that EURS has officially overcome another milestone and is on the way to 200 million in reserves now! The importance of the euro-backed stablecoin is confirmed once again as we continue in a world grasped by uncertainty.

Stablecoins are growing in importance in the digital asset field. In May 2020 they were worth more than $10 billion. According to data from The Block’s “2022 Digital Asset Outlook” the stablecoin cryptocurrency sector saw explosive growth in 2021, growing by 388% from $29 billion at the start of the year to over $140 billion at the end of the year, representing a record high.

There is no denying that running a stablecoin project is a tough business. While there have been more than 200 stablecoin projects announced since 2017, very few have succeeded in this field; only 30% of stablecoins released continue to exist, according to data collected by Blockdata research.

As a foundation, we are focused on addressing what it perceives to be the primary bottleneck for stablecoin creation; an E-money 2.0 regulatory framework. Since its inception, our team has been working with regulatory bodies to help them develop blockchain regulations that reduce uncertainty for companies while protecting consumers and ecosystem stakeholders.

When it comes to the successful development of stablecoin products, a rare combination of financial, legal, and technical expertise is a must-have. Malta-based STASIS has perfected its offering and continues to promote its initiative by developing the euro-backed stablecoin and the in-house wallet solution.

It is fundamental to keep EURS backed by 1:1 to the Euro. STASIS provides an unrivaled level of reserve transparency so that investors can always be confident that their digital assets are fully backed by the appropriate collateral:

● Daily account statements

● Monthly verifications by BDO Malta

● Quarterly audits by BDO Malta

● On-demand verification for an onboarded entity.

We at STASIS continue to maintain our high standards of audibility with low-risk and quality counterparties and we will continue to maintain our on/off platform status with institutional-grade quality to minimize the credit risk of all our clients. All these transparency procedures keep our credit risk at an appropriate level for any client interacting with us to receive a quality and reliable product.

We will continue to build the most transparent stablecoin with low-risk counterparties.

Dear STASIS community, we hope you fulfill your dreams and reach your goals in the upcoming year! And remember, a result is a number of attempts!

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