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How to add EURS in Algorand Wallet?

A new short guide

Dear users! As you know, EURS is not only the most transparent euro-backed stablecoin, but also a multi-chain digital asset. Algorand Foundation was among the first who supported us on this way. Many of you use EURS in different wallets besides our native Stablecoin Wallet. In this short guide, we wanted to provide some insights on how to add EURS within the Algorand Wallet!

Algorand requires you to specifically enable assets such as EURS in order for your wallet to receive them. This feature on the Algorand blockchain is designed to prevent accidental spamming of tokens.

1. Install Algorand Wallet on your iOS and Android device if the application is not already installed.

2. Sign in to an existing account or create a new Algorand account.

3. Click Add new asset below the list of added tokens.

4. In the window that appears, enter 227855942 (asset ID for EURS), or enter the name of the STASIS EURO. Click on the found token.

5. To add EURS to the list of used tokens, you need to send a transaction with a minimum commission. It will be displayed in the transaction history.

Click the Approve button and the EURS token will appear in the list of connected tokens.



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