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How to Buy STASIS EURO: A Comprehensive Guide

Start Your Journey in Crypto with EURS!

The stablecoin field is a tightly competitive sector. The need for transparent and reliable stablecoins is growing on the global cryptocurrency frontier after the downfall of the highly-praised algorithmic model.

The ongoing developments in the stablecoin field over the last five years & has resulted in the spawning of hundreds of different “stable” digital assets. It is undeniable that the foundation of future fintech solutions can only be built with more products, which are becoming “a last mile” between users and the emerging field of . For a callow user, it’s getting harder to differentiate between these products, and some allocations end up in a loss of capital. We have prepared a detailed comprehensive guide to help you climb the learning curve in the digital asset field.

What Is EURS?

STASIS Euro or EURS is a stablecoin designed to keep a constant 1:1 value with fiat euro. Stablecoins like EURS aren’t really seen as investments, instead offering liquidity for crypto traders looking to purchase other cryptocurrencies seamlessly on exchanges.

EURS is the largest non-USD fiat-backed stablecoin. It is issued by STASIS, a European financial technology firm that provides a bridge from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 financial services. Audited by a top-5 global audit firm, it has accumulated the trust and accountability of the global community over the 4 years on the market. EURS is a stablecoin initially built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. The infrastructure is now also live on Algorand and Polygon with several other blockchains in development.

Like other collateralized stablecoins, EURS value is pegged to the fiat EUR. That means that one EURS should ideally always be worth one euro.

There are more than 10,000 cryptocurrency projects out there, EURS is the leading non-dollar stablecoin. It successfully competes in the DeFi corner with the biggest euro-denominated staking pools. While other major stablecoins operate on the USD market, EURS solo caters to the needs of the European Union.

EURS stablecoin was launched in 2018 by STASIS, a Maltese-based company. It was created to be a regulated stablecoin that “works within EUR money transmission laws and regulations” while running on blockchain technology. However, unlike Tether or USDC, EURS has never been flagged for not backing each of its digital coins with an asset or fiat equivalent.

How to Buy EURS

If you’re ready to buy EURS Coin and assume the risks of cryptocurrency investment, it only takes a few steps to get started:

1. Choose a Crypto Exchange

To buy EURS, you’ll need to use a crypto exchange. A cryptocurrency exchange is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell crypto.

You should review a few different platforms to find the best cryptocurrency exchange for your needs. Exchanges have widely different user interfaces, fees and rules. A little research can help you feel comfortable with the exchange you choose.

You can now buy EURS at 25+ exchanges including Bitfinex, HitBTC, Mt. Perelin,, Kyber Network, and many others. An updated list of exchanges and services supporting EURS is provided on our .

2. Buy EURS in DeFi

With the advent of decentralized finance, EURS has become increasingly popular among various protocols. How to buy EURS without a hassle in DeFi?

First, setup your Metamask wallet or any other preferred wallet account and make sure you have some crypto on your balance.

Then, choose a protocol that supports EURS and has decent liquidity. We recommend you to choose from the official

Next, connect your wallet to the protocol of your choice. Select the currency you wish to exchange into EURS. Complete the trade, which usually takes minutes. Do be keep in mind that gas fees vary greatly and make sure you don’t overpay. EURS will be shortly delivered to your wallet.

We have already posted a on how to swap tokens to EURS in DeFi.

Moreover, there’s also a way to capitalize on your EURS in DeFi. Take a look at one of the examples with the popular service in . Profit!

3. Acquire EURS via Sellback

Aside from using other means, it’s possible to buy STASIS Euro with the fiat EURO. You can to the digital money with a simple single-step interface. Wire EUR to purchase EURS stablecoin or convert it back to your bank account. The process is pretty simple, but we have prepared a guide with the screenshots for your convenience.

How to sign-up for the STASIS Sellback service? In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to fill in your registration to avoid any issues. Having a verified account will allow you to buy and sell EURS via our interface. Visit .

If you have not yet downloaded the STASIS Stableсoin Wallet app yet, please visit or !

4. Store Your EURS safely

Once you purchase EURS, there are lots of different crypto-wallets where you can store your digital coins:

  • Hardware Wallets. Referred to as “cold storage” or “cold wallets,” these physical devices can sometimes look like USB drives. You download your crypto from the web onto these drives and store them.
  • Paper Wallets. Paper wallets let you print a combination of public and private keys and QR codes, which keeps your data offline and protected from potential hacks.
  • Crypto Exchanges. Many exchanges offer customers a built-in crypto wallet to manage their crypto holdings on the site. For example, Kraken and Gemini each offer wallets.
  • Software Wallets. You can also download crypto-wallet software like Trust Wallet directly to your computer or mobile device to store your EURS. Moreover, you can use native STASIS stablecoin wallet.

5. Crypto Wallets that support EURS

Last, but not the least, there is a broad range of wallets that support EURS today.

1) STASIS Wallet. The native stablecoin solution made by . STASIS Wallet provides a supreme user experience to interact with digital assets through a non-custodial application. This cutting-edge app connects with financial institutions offering a way to interact with digital assets with elegant simplicity.

2) Monolith . Monolith is the world’s first DeFi wallet and accompanying Visa Debit Card made for spending crypto assets anywhere.

3) Status . With the secure, non-custodial Status Wallet, you are in complete control of your funds.

4) Enjin . A simple way to manage your NFTs and crypto.

5) MyEtherWallet . A free, client-side interface helping you interact with the Ethereum blockchain. This easy-to-use, open-source platform allows you to generate wallets, interact with smart contracts, and so much more.

6) Hyperpay . Multi-ecosystem Digital Wallet, Safe and User-friendly.

7) Argent . A fraction of the cost. Buy, earn, stake and trade on Ethereum Layer 2 with low fees & bulletproof security.

8) imToken . Digital assets under your control. imToken is an easy and secure digital wallet trusted by millions.

9) SafePal . Store, Buy, Manage, Swap, and Trade. 10,000+ cryptocurrencies in one app.

10) BitKeep . The multi-chain wallet of choice for millions of users.

11) Numio . Save 100x on Ethereum fees while trading and earning crypto with DeFi, collecting NFTs, and more, all in one convenient app.

12) Guarda . Secure Crypto Wallet. Stake, exchange, earn and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and thousands of other assets.

13) Raonbow . Explore the new world of Ethereum.

14) Pillar . Multichain smart wallet with low-to-no fees. Governed by the DAO.

15) Zengo . The Simple & Secure Crypto Wallet.

16) Coinomi . THE BLOCKCHAIN WALLET TRUSTED BY MILLIONS. Securely store, manage and exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more than 1,770 other blockchain assets.

17) TokenPocket . TokenPocket is the worlds leading multi-chain self-custodial wallet, which supports mainstream public chains. TokenPocket has provided reliable services for over 20 million users around the world.

18) MathWallet . The Popular Multichain Wallet for Web3.

Why You Should Buy EURS

Most of the stablecoins have had a rough streak lately alongside the harsh down in the crypto market, causing ripples across the cryptocurrency landscape. Despite headwinds in the crypto market amid the TerraUSD in May, which wiped out $42 billion for UST and LUNA holders, EURS managed to maintain its 1 Euro peg.

EURS is not a volatile asset but by holding this asset one can be sure that his wealth is in safe harbor of the crypto market.

“EURS is increasingly used across a growing range of DeFi and CeFi services because its need, as a product, has become more and more obvious over the years. It’s still euro, just a crypto version — a digital asset built on top of the DLT that allows you to safely dive into the cryptocurrency realm. The unique combination of characteristics cements its position as a market leader for years to come. Stablecoins could be really helpful for big corporations that operate in multiple jurisdictions and want to transfer value,” outlined Gregory Klumov, CEO of STASIS.

Just because EURS might be perceived as a safer, more credible port to ride out the stablecoin storm than other coins, current economic conditions should be considered.

And remember, no investment is without risks.

When buying EURS Coin, factor in your financial goals and see if the risks make it the right buy for you! Stay safe.

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