Month in Review — January/February 2023

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A very productive start for the STASIS team

Welcome to Month in Review, where the team behind STASIS and EURS shares our updates from the past month and some thoughts on key events and issues in the cryptocurrency and stablecoin space.

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Welcoming Spring, saying goodbye to crypto winter?

It’s the new season officially out there, folks! The welcoming refreshing breeze is just around the corner. The winter was turbulent, as it always is, and we might not be sure whether relief is coming to markets anytime soon.

However, despite the market’s ups and downs, EURS growth is unstoppable. STASIS-issued stablecoin has made its way to a top 10 finance/banking coins by market capitalization list made by Coingecko!

The advent of spring in the crypto markets is typically greeted with a palpable sense of enthusiasm and anticipation. This time of year has historically been marked by a surge in bullish sentiment, with cryptocurrencies experiencing notable price hikes and heightened trading activity. As the season brings warmer weather and longer days, investors and traders often feel emboldened to take risks and make bold moves.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the cryptocurrency markets are notoriously volatile and unpredictable, and past performance is not always a reliable predictor of future outcomes. As such, it is imperative to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.

Moreover, EURS has also been included in the top 10 Polygon Projects via CertiK Trust Score!

The EURS stablecoin was feeling just alright despite the market conditions, and why shouldn’t it? STASIS issues the most transparent and reliable instrument for the digital asset journey. If you have been browsing about it up to this point, it’s the right time to dive in and see the benefits of STASIS EURO first-hand.

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Winter turned out to be very productive for the STASIS team. During the last two months, our team was happy to finalize vital updates and secure strategic partnerships, paving the way for further EURS adoption.

  • Sellback 2.0 is live

We were thrilled to start 2023 with the highly-anticipated release of Sellback 2.0, a comprehensive fiat on-and-off service advancement. The new Sellback sports a revamped user interface (UX) for Sell/Buy, KYC, API features and more. Check the complete change log on our Medium channel.

  • EURS listed on

STASIS has partnered with a leading crypto trading platform CEX. IO, where users can buy, sell, exchange, store, and earn 140+ cryptocurrencies. Check out the EURS/EUR pair by the link & start trading now: !

  • EURS available on XSwapProtocol

The XDC ecosystem continues to expand by leaps and bounds. EURS has been listed on XSwapProtocol, the 1st AMM DEX & Launchpad on the XDCNetwork.

  • EURS listed on HYVE

We have teamed up with Hyve for a EURS integration — the first Web3 job exchange available on ETH, BSC, Fantom, and Polygon. You can now pay and accept payments in EURS for your jobs, tasks, and offers!

Winter might be a slow period, but the STASIS community enjoyed multiple media releases throughout the last few months.

  • 2022: A Year in Review

If you missed our extensive yearly summary, read STASIS “Year in Review-2022” to know more about Stasis Key 2022 Milestones, Main Technology Developments, Key Partnerships, and plans for 2023. Check & like the full article on Medium.

  • Sellback 2.0 announcement

The news of the new Sellback release has been sent to various global media. For example, check the article published by TheNewsCrypto.

  • STASIS is among the best blockchain companies to watch in 2023!

Check out a new interview with STASIS CEO Gregory Klumov by The Enterprise World! Get insights from the longest of long-term crypto investors!

  • Why EURS is the best euro stablecoin to buy in 2023?

Learn info about our asset, which you may have missed, plus more. This comprehensive article about EURS is live on our Medium blog!

  • EURS on XDC: redefining the standard for multichain stablecoin

Check our latest article on Medium to know how EURS built on XDC is redefining the standard for multichain stablecoin!

  • Another One Bites the Dust

We’re pleased to tell a story that sheds light on the latest BUSD FUD…how XDC-powered EURS withstands market turmoils while others fall!

You might feel that we produced only a little video content last year, so the team felt a need to change that.

  • The latest EURS-XDC article review by Crypto Talk Show:

  • STASIS EURS and XDC have been featured in several videos by influencer Crypto Ready!

  • CryptoInfluencer BarriC also made an overview of EURS in his video:

Thanks for reading this letter and staying with us! Await for more listings, news, and videos in the coming months!

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