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Month in Review — July 2021

Welcome to Month in Review, where the team behind STASIS and EURS shares our updates from the past month and some thoughts on key events and issues in the cryptocurrency and stablecoin space.

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Welcoming the wind of change

That’s it. Summer takes the last step towards colder weather conditions. First of all, that’s just another season that misses to live up to its name in crypto. Historically, summer shows the lowest possible engagement in the digital asset sector combined with overhyped investor expectations and unreliable markets. In July, the shakedown continued. The negative newsfeed ruled the area, and most cryptocurrency assets have been showing signs of decline. Uncertainty continued until the end of the month when Bitcoin finally managed to retake the $40.000 milestone.

Ethereum and other notable assets followed. It seems that the rising FUD brought by hedge funds like JP Morgan and famous media figures were evidently created to lure weak hands out of the market before pumping it again.

German law allowing institutional funds to hold crypto came into effect Aug. 2 and it’s expected that as much as $415 billion worth of investments could flow into cryptocurrencies as new laws governing German Spezialfonds go into effect.

The DeFi area is also growing. STASIS team is happy to present a new tech feature that will enable a smoother interaction with decentralized finance protocols. To celebrate it, we decided to launch a special giveaway. Join here to win!

With more partnerships coming in the Decentralized Finance area, we will be happy to tell you that August will be full of pleasant surprises and new partnerships!

Project news

  • Wallet Connect Support

We are delighted to unveil a much-needed upgrade to the native STASIS wallet — giving you the functionality that enables a bridge to different DApps called “WalletConnect.” STASIS has now implemented the long-anticipated feature. Check the guide here to know how it works.


We still live in two worlds, the blockchain and the off-chain realm — which will change sooner than later. We were delighted to announce our partnership with Tixl to help to bridge the two worlds. Tixl, being a project based in the European Union, with an interoperable, minimum-fee, instant tx network, is ideal ground for the EURS Stablecoin developed by STASIS.

Worth Reading

  • In July 2021, insights of STASIS CEO Gregory Klumov were published in global media. Learn why growth in Euro stablecoins spurs dreams of the digital forex market, but challenges remain on financing and regulations.
  • Ripple better up its game if it wants to stay top of the settlement systems, the CEO STASIS warns. In fact, Mr. Klumov said more providers are competing to build settlement structures that lay the foundation for payments. While Ripple was one of the first to market, it does not have much to show for it.

What’s Coming Next?

Thanks for reading this letter and staying with us!

August will mark a new milestone in STASIS project development. We have long been working to establish EURS on alternative blockchains, transforming it into a multichain solution. New announcements are close.

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