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Month in Review — June 2021

Welcome to Month in Review, where the team behind STASIS and EURS shares our updates from the past month and some thoughts on key events and issues in the cryptocurrency and stablecoin space.

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The vanquish comeback of the bulls is in effect?

There is an old saying that goes back to the era of the classic forex market: “Sell in May and go away.” Unfortunately, the last few months in crypto went as a strong confirmation of this phrase since the harsh fall of the digital asset field has fueled many speculations about the new bear market start. This time, winter in crypto coincided with the calendar summer.

After the mid-May crash, the downfall in all asset rates continued in June. Looming uncertainty and further fall of the markets were also supported by the fact that many institutions and companies were betting on Bitcoin’s continued fall to $ 30,000. Even despite such news, the largest cryptocurrency holds steadily, and many investors realized that negative FUD is the way the market works: while “weak hands” sell, strong ones accumulate robust positions. Unlike the previous crypto winter, when BTC went down straight to the $3.000 price tag, the last decline was not that devastating. Even up to this day, yearly returns in crypto are still pretty significant.

In the long run, it looks like uncertainty has grasped markets for months to come. No clear predictions can clarify what’s coming next and whether we hit bottom or not — J.P. Morgan issued warnings suggest to fasten your seatbelts, stating that correction and further downside is still coming. The “Death Cross” event” was another factor to scare investors out of the field last month.

We won’t overwhelm you with cheap so-called “expert” analytics or fortune-telling on coffee beans. Although everyone seems to be trying to get into the spotlight and give his predictions, that’s not what we do. EURS was designed to be a safe haven asset and convenient crypto on- and off-ramp instrument for situations just like this — when no exact outcomes are clear, it is better to shield your fortune from a possible loss. Despite the fact that the market looked grim, we continued our developments in June and transit into July with high expectations.

Meanwhile, there is one question we receive more often than others: “When will EURS be listed on Binance?’’ The STASIS team always outlined that the fate and outcome of many listings are in the hands of our global and diverse community. We encourage you to raise awareness on EURS on the platform you want, encouraging local communities by posts and votes. Since Binance is the #1 destination for many projects, you can start by participating in this vote!

Project news

  • 3 Years in Operation!

June 22nd marked the 3rd anniversary of the STASIS project launch and the first emission of our euro-backed stablecoin. EURS has been upgraded to 2.0, the circulating supply has increased significantly, and we have a lot of exciting developments ahead!

  • New EURS market heights

EURS market cap is currently over 100 million in USD equivalent. This milestone represents 3x growth in 2021 only! Euro-backed digital assets are the future of cryptocurrency and DeFi ecosystems, and such advancements are a sign that we’re on the right track.

  • EURS on Cardano

EURS continues its journey to the multichain universe. partnered with STASIS to launch Cardano’s first Euro stablecoin, Stasis Euro (EURS), through the Ethereum–Cardano bi-direction bridge. Moreover, STASIS will also work alongside the team to develop innovative decentralized finance solutions for Cardano. Check the full article for more information.

  • STASIS in Discord

STASIS explores new grounds to raise awareness on EURS. Join our new channel in Discord and spread the word —!

Worth Reading & Watching

In June 2021, a number of new insights by CEO of STASIS Gregory Klumov have been published in global media:

  • Learn why the cryptocurrency market in 2021 is much different than the reality of 2017 in the new analytical article.
  • Realize why should anything happen to Tether, one must stay away from cryptocurrencies for a while? Check this opinion piece to realize the issue.
  • Read what fate awaits for the number one digital asset, BTC? Our expert has shared his thoughts in the magazine.
  • Check what’s ahead for the silver of the crypto market, Ethereum? STASIS CEO commented in this article.
  • Learn why regulation can be harmful to cryptocurrency field innovations.

What’s Coming Next?

Thanks for reading this letter and staying with us!

July will mark a new milestone in STASIS project development. We have long been working to establish EURS on alternative blockchains, transforming it into a multichain solution. New announcements are close.

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