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Month in Review — June 2022

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Crypto is dead (!,?). Again.

History has a nasty habit of repeating itself. The past month didn’t make it any easier for crypto investors around the globe. We have witnessed numerous cases of the lightspeed bankruptcy & unexpected insolvency of high profile businesses and hedge funds that previously were thought to be the strongholds of the cryptocurrency realm.

The crypto crash has seen the number of Bitcoin millionaires decline by more than 75% since November last year as 80,000 Bitcoin millionaires were wiped out in the great crypto crash of 2022.

Despite all the never ending-like turmoil, the crypto is still standing strong. The stablecoin topic has become even more relevant as competition in this sector has become even tighter. Scandals, sensations and the absence of a desire to be transparent fuel a further exodus of retail & institutional money, but it’s pretty clear that the whole game is just starting.

We don’t try to predict events. We don’t make false promises. We work hard year by year to ensure users with a transparent and efficient gateway into the Web3 era. Our team has built a formidable harbor for events like this. EURS is your lifeboat and STASIS is a safe harbor!

Project News

The market was full of unfortunate surprises, but nothing stopped the STASIS team from continuing its mission and establishing new connections in crypto space!

  • STASIS x

EURS Network continues to grow! We have announced a partnership with the regulated European crypto exchange and the launch of several trading pairs with the largest crypto-euro: EURS stablecoin.

Through this new partnership, both and STASIS will have opportunities to provide new valuable opportunities for traders!

On, users can trade the most popular Crypto/USD pairs using BTC, ETH, GEC, USDT & STASIS EURO (EURS) as collateral with all the professional tools needed to achieve unrivaled trading experience.

  • STASIS x Popcorn DAO

1X is lonely, 2X is company, 3X is a party!

Introducing 3X: Popcorn’s newest yield optimization strategy that offers exposure to Euro and USD stablecoins.

You can now:

🍿Deposit your $USDC $USDT $DAI

🍿Mint $3X for 8% vAPY

🍿Stake $3X for 12% vAPY in POP.

Read and like the announcement.

Read about us

  • Check out a new article about STASIS from Newsbit! is a Dutch news platform focused on crypto with over 250,000+ monthly visitors.

Read the article here.

  • 4 Years of Operations

Last week we celebrated the fourth year of the EURS launch! It was a hell of a journey. And we’re up for more!

Check out the exciting long story of our achievements.

What’s next?

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