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Month in Review — May 2022

Welcome back again to Month in Review, where the team behind STASIS and EURS shares our updates from the past month and some thoughts on key events and issues in the cryptocurrency and stablecoin space.

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Uncertainty is the only certainty

It seems that the story has a nasty habit of repeating itself. Pretty much just like last year, May 2022 was marked by an unforeseen event that influenced the market for months to come.

Stablecoins have had a rough streak lately, causing ripples across the cryptocurrency landscape. Despite headwinds in the crypto market amid the Terra-UST crash saga in mid-May, which wiped out $42 billion for UST and LUNA holders, EURS managed to maintain its 1 Euro peg. The story is still unraveling, but there is no wonder that the market is full of manipulations.

But not everything is looking grim: corporates and institutions that have purchased Bitcoin don’t plan to sell so far. For example, Bitcoin maximalist Michael Saylor, speaking at Tucker Carlson show on Fox news, confirmed that he will buy Bitcoin whenever he has some spare cash. It seems that no matter how depressing the macroeconomic situation or events were, the crypto community was strong enough to sustain the BTC price at its current level.

In times like this, the crypto community found backing support by STASIS once again. We’re striving to establish a reliable bridge to Web 3 that can’t be a subject of market manipulations. Start your crypto journey with EURS — the most transparent EU-backed stablecoin!

Project News

Market was full of unfortunate surprises, but nothing stopped the STASIS team from continuing its mission and establishing new connections in crypto space!

  • STASIS Updates EURS Commissions

Dear clients! We have decided to update the fees to ensure that institutional-grade stablecoin infrastructure is equally accessible to everyone, being confident that the community will understand us and pay this small but vital price.

To provide a clear picture for our growing user base, we created this article:

Remember: our team is ready to answer your questions on Telegram, Twitter and Discord!

  • STASIS partners with MetaMouse

With the Metamouse app, users can pay for literally anything using the #1 euro-backed stablecoin!

Explore more details on partnership here:

  • STASIS Partners with Komodo Atomic DEX

STASIS is pleased to announce that EURS is now available on Atomic DEX

Users can swap the most transparent euro-backed stablecoin for any 500+ supported crypto assets via an all-in-one wallet and cross-chain DEX rolled into one app!

A road ahead

Thanks for reading this letter and staying with us!

Don’t forget to read the “STASIS Q1 Milestones Report” to know about:

1) What’s going on in the crypto realm

2) New partnerships & team achievements

3) STASIS/EURS in global media

4) Future plans.

Check out the full article here to know more! Thanks for your time, dear client!

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