Redefining Crypto On/Off-Ramp Experience with Sellback 2.0

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STASIS rolls out a major overhaul of its featured service

The cryptocurrency field develops by leaps and bounds and takes no coffee break even during the winter months or bear markets. STASIS, the leading euro stablecoin issuer, was always considered a company that spearheaded its market direction.

We at STASIS believe that making crypto on/off ramp as convenient and flexible as possible is part of our mission. Over the past years, we have collected extensive feedback, worked out bugs, and improved certain features based on numerous insights and suggestions from our clients and businesses we work with.

To satisfy the needs of our customers in a hassle-free experience, we took another extra mile and developed a new Sellback system for a faster, easier, and more efficient user journey within the crypto realm. In a previous iteration, we were not satisfied with certain roadblocks that caused inefficiencies throughout the system.

The new version of our featured service has the same functionality but a much richer UX. Sellback 2.0 includes multiple improvements to Sell/Buy, KYC and API that solve previous design shortcomings.

Let’s explore the main features. Firstly, say goodbye to the old Sellback system. The newly-developed Web app features an all-in-one integrated web portal! We have also totally redesigned the UI to make navigation more straightforward.

Moreover, with the introduction of new blockchains, it’s now possible to add new IBANs and addresses to your profile. The roster is limited to 1 address per blockchain at the moment, but it’s about to change. Next, “History” section now sports extensive functionality with a calendar, filters and more features to help you.

Going through the KYC process will become less complicated due to several improvements to the client’s area.

Web app is also now more convenient to use on smartphones than ever before.

Check the complete change log below:


  • New WebApp landing page
  • New WebApp start page (login/register)
  • New Sell/Buy — integrated in WebApp
  • Complete redesign of Sell/Buy UI/UX
  • Management of clients wallets on different blockchains in settings
  • Adding names for the clients wallets
  • Management of clients IBANs in settings
  • Interactive commission calculation when starting the transaction
  • Detailed explanation of commission calculation
  • New transactions history with filters
  • More info on transaction details in the history


  • Speedup of client 1st registration time
  • Increased expiration time for confirmation email by up to 30 days
  • Loading multiple documents in one operation (e.g. — SoF)
  • Оnboarding process improvements for corporate clients
  • Various minor improvements

Last but not least, API improvements include an update with new Sell/Buy functionality. The Sellback enhancements will continue.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, so don’t hesitate to contact our team via socials and email!



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