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STASIS Official Statement

No War. Stability in crypto and beyond!

Dear clients, users, and community!

We live in turbulent times when deception and war, unfortunately, are still a part of our daily experience. Like many years before, the world has made an unexpected and tragic step towards the abyss. Taking into account our global and diverse audience, we would like to express our support to the people whose lives have been affected by the war conflict.

Our team is disturbed by the ongoing crisis on European soil and the resulting casualties. We also hope that the current military crisis will be ended with minimal damage and devastation to the civilian population. We will continue to support our employees and clients to the best of our capacity, remaining your oasis of stability.

STASIS is a European Union regulated entity, strictly following all EU legal procedures and abiding by AMLD5 requirements to ensure operational transparency to the maximum extent. We will continue to operate as usual, providing our clients full trading capabilities in all domains possible.

STASIS company and employees always strived for maximum transparency and legitimacy. Since project inception, we were focused on addressing market gaps avoiding schemes and illicit activities.

STASIS pays team members in euros — this way our employees retain the purchasing power of their salary. Taking the situation into account, we decided to pay STASIS team members in advance to shield them from the forthcoming disruption of the traditional payment channels. We have worked out an alternative payroll solution for all employees located in the zone of currency instability.

Peace to everyone!

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