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STASIS partners with Mt Pelerin to provide EURS on/off-ramp

Malta — April 28th, 2022

Stablecoin issuer platform STASIS and Swiss crypto company Mt Pelerin announced a partnership today by launching the direct fiat on- and off-ramp for the largest crypto euro — the EURS stablecoin. STASIS-issued stablecoins can now be exchanged seamlessly with their fiat counterparts on Mt Pelerin’s website and mobile app Bridge Wallet on the Ethereum and Polygon networks!

The Swiss-based platform perfectly aligns with the STASIS vision: the Web3 era should be decentralized to enable more users to self-manage finance and apply the benefits of advanced financial technologies in the most profitable ways possible. Moreover, the service provided by Mt Pelerin is non-custodial: users make a payment and receive EURS directly on the wallet of their choice. And this also works vice versa: clients can deposit EURS from any of their wallets and receive fiat on their bank account!

Mt Pelerin provides an easy entry into the market as buyers can now use the service without KYC for volumes below $1k per day, $15k per month and $100k per year.

The company makes crypto easily available by offering to buy and sell them directly with fiat currencies on its website or mobile app Bridge Wallet. Available in 172 countries, the service allows users to purchase EURS and other assets in a few clicks. Users can also withdraw them in 14 fiat currencies on their bank account whenever they want.

Mt Pelerin also offers the most competitive pricing on the market: the service is free for the first $ 500 per user and per year if using a bank transfer, with a small degressive fee above and zero spread. Next, by using a card option, clients only pay the lowest fees on the market starting at 1.5%!

About Mt Pelerin

Mt Pelerin is a regulated Swiss fintech company that provides products and services bridging the crypto world with traditional finance. The company is duly affiliated with VQF (, a Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) officially recognized by Switzerland’s Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

The platform was bootstrapped by its own community through equity crowdfunding that raised more than $2 million in 2018, the first one to offer a tokenized share with full voting and dividend rights to the public. Since then, the platform has become one of the leading actors in asset tokenization with its Bridge Protocol platform and provides unique cryptocurrency services and a non-custodial mobile app Bridge Wallet. It is currently working on the creation of a tokenized full reserve financial institution in Switzerland. For more info visit:

Telegram | Twitter | Website


STASIS is a crypto-enabler platform that aggregates solutions from licensed financial intermediaries to provide an institutional-grade link between the decentralized finance world and the off-chain market. The STASIS team pioneers commercialization of stablecoin use cases: acquiring, DeFi lending, remittance, and white-label corporate settlement.

Since its inception in 2018, STASIS has functioned as the most transparent and institutional-friendly part of the European blockchain ecosystem through the strategic intersection of licensed financial intermediaries and distributed ledger technology. The euro-backed stablecoin created by the STASIS project team to raise the quality of asset-backed digital tokens managed to capture the biggest market share among peers.

STASIS has rightfully gained the trust of traditional and conservative regulated institutions that highly regard our solutions. A native wallet, fully integrated into the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), offers regulated financial institutions in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets, a new gateway into cryptocurrencies.

Currently, EURS is the largest stablecoin pegged to the world’s second most-traded currency and ranks as the top-10 stablecoin globally, accumulating tens of thousands of users in its global communities. Moreover, EURS stablecoin reserves have reached almost 100 million euros in fiat, representing a 3x growth during the last year only. For more info visit:

Telegram | Twitter | Website

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