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STASIS Updates EURS Commissions

An important service announcement

Life is a constant wheel of change. Fiat-backed stablecoins are your safe haven whenever another cycle of uncertainty starts. The time has come to embrace stable cryptocurrencies once again. Remember that you can also set up your crypto euro account in less than a minute and enjoy an easier way to interact with digital assets? Do that right now!

In 2022, EURS reserves overcame 100 million in reserves. STASIS solidified its position as a trusted player in the stablecoin space and EURS became an asset with multi-chain support.

Dear clients! We have decided to update the fees to ensure that institutional-grade stablecoin infrastructure is equally accessible to everyone, being confident that the community will understand us and pay this small but vital price. To provide a clear picture for our growing user base, we created this article.

Kindly explore the updates commission rates:

1. Deposit commission

  • 0–1.000 EUR: zero commission applies only to the first deposit; 100 EUR for all further deposits will be applied;
  • ETH: 1.000–1.000.000 EUR: ETH — 0.1% minimum 100 EUR; other blockchains — 0.1% minimum 10 EUR; (Anything above the amount of 10.000 will be subject to 0.1%. Anything below 10.000 will be 100 EUR minimum for ETH network; 10 EUR minimum for ALGO and POLYGON networks);
  • 1.000.000 EUR and above: 0.25% on all blockchains.

2. Regular buy/sell transactions

  • ETH: 0.1%, minimum 100 EUR; anything above 1.000.000 EUR/month — 0.25%;
  • ALGO: 0.1%, minimum 10 EUR; anything above 1.000.000 EUR/month — 0.25%;
  • POLYGON: 0.1%, minimum 10 EUR; anything above 1.000.000 EUR/month — 0.25%.

Also, please note that the Sellback service doesn’t work in “accumulation mode”. Therefore, SCB can’t accumulate clients’ funds on transit accounts. If the amount sent by the user is not sufficient to complete the transaction, a commission is fully charged from the incoming transfer. SCB can’t send it back either, since such a transaction will already be at the company’s expense.

Our team will update you on any changes. Thank you for staying with us!

Dear community, kindly support us by clapping up to 50 times!



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