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STASIS Wallet User Manual

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Dear users! Since the initial launch in 2018, our in-house stablecoin wallet has undergone a significant number of updates over the years. We decided to create and publish a comprehensive guide that will help you to navigate and use our app more efficiently.


STASIS Wallet is the first mobile wallet designed specifically for stablecoins. The application allows you to send, receive and exchange digital currencies such as EURS, USDT, DAI, ETH, BTC, etc. The main wallet currency is the EURS stablecoin. You can buy or sell digital Euros (EURS) using SEPA transfers with zero commission. Also, the STASIS wallet supports the WalletConnect option, which allows you to safely interact with any Dapp from your mobile phone.

First launch

When you start the STASIS Wallet for the first time, it offers either to create a new wallet or restore an existing one.

Creating a wallet is a very simple operation — just select the “Create new wallet” tab. The application will automatically create a new address, and the user will be able to fully use all the functionality of the STASIS Wallet after going through a short procedure of setting up the wallet protection. To restore the wallet, one needs to enter a passphrase or scan a QR-code by clicking on the corresponding icon in the upper right corner of the screen. After that, the user will start on to the main screen of the application and will have to go through the wallet protection procedure.

Wallet Protection Settings

To ensure safe and convenient use of the STASIS Wallet, it is necessary to enable wallet protection. Clicking the information icon displayed in the toolbar will walk you through the procedure.

The first step is the most important one. A user must save the passphrase to secure the wallet and restore it in case of an emergency.

Next, one needs to confirm that the passphrase has been saved and press the “CONTINUE” button.

On the next screen, the user needs to create a pin code to log into the wallet and confirm all the operations.

Finally, on the last screen of the security procedure, you can set a fingerprint, which is a convenient alternative to a PIN.

Then a dialog box will appear on the screen, confirming the successful completion of the wallet protection setup procedure.


There is a button in the upper left corner of each application screen that opens a menu with one click. The menu has a similar button that closes it. You can also open the menu by swiping in from the left edge of the screen or close it by swiping in the opposite direction.

The menu contains a complete list of wallet screens, each of which can be accessed with a single click.

Tab bar

The tab bar is displayed at the bottom of each app screen and contains four buttons that can be used to switch to one of the main screens: Dashboard, Receive, Send, Exchange.


The dashboard is the most informative and functional screen of the application. To update the information on the screen, you need to swipe down. At the top of the screen, the wallet balance is displayed as the sum of all balances by currencies in EURS. The balance can be hidden/shown using the button at the top right of the screen.

Below the balance is a list of all the currencies supported by the Stasis wallet. If you swipe left / right on the icon of a specific currency, you can show/hide the buttons for performing operations with the currency on the screens: Receive, Send, Exchange. To quickly switch to currency exchange, make an extended click on the currency you want to exchange. When the currency icon is highlighted, drag it to the currency you want to receive.

Below the list of currencies, there is a “SELL & PURCHASE

EURS” icon — click on it to enter the Sellback service which allows you to purchase and sell EURS.

A list of recent transactions is displayed at the bottom of the screen. When you click on a transaction, a window with detailed information appears, which can be closed by swiping down.


The Receive screen is designed to view the address of your wallet, by which someone will be able to send crypto currency to it.

At the top of the screen, you can select the currency. A QR code is displayed in the middle of the screen, which can be sent by any application on the phone using the “SHARE” button.

The wallet address is displayed under the QR code in text form, it can be copied by pressing the “COPY” button. When you click on “SET TRANSACTION AMOUNT” at the bottom of the screen, additional fields appear where you can specify the amount and comment. These details will be added to the QR code.


The Send screen allows you to send cryptocurrencies.

Select the currency at the top of the screen. Then, enter the recipient’s e-wallet address.

The recipient’s address can be entered from the keyboard, pasted by pressing the “PASTE” button, or scanned using the “SCAN CODE”. When you press the “TEMPLATES” button, a window appears with a list of saved addresses, where you can select a recipient. You can hide this window by swiping it down. Next, you need to enter the transfer amount. Clicking on “TRANSACTION DETAILS” displays additional fields where you can enter a comment on the transaction and change the commission.

After filling in all the fields, you need to press the “SEND” button. A screen will appear where you can check if the transaction data entered is correct. You can confirm it using the “CONFIRM” button. Then you will be asked to confirm the transaction with a pin code or a fingerprint.


Exchanging currencies on the Exchange screen is quite straightforward. You need to select the currencies you want to exchange and enter the available amount, which you can choose from the options below. There is a button (two arrows pointing in different directions), which allows you to change the currency icons.

Pressing the “EXCHANGE” button opens the screen for checking the correctness of the transaction data. After confirming the correctness of the data, you need to confirm the transaction with a pin code or fingerprint.


On this screen, you can view information about all wallet transactions. At the top of the screen and in the middle, there is a special button that shows/hides the filter when pressed. You can filter transactions by type and currency.

When you click on a transaction a window with detailed information opens where you can view or copy the transaction hash. Swiping down hides the window.

For transactions that are pending, the button “SPEED UP TRANSFER” is available. You can change the transaction fee when clicking on it, while the old transaction will be replaced with a new one

For transactions of the “SENT” type, a button for creating/deleting a template is available, depending on whether the recipient’s address is saved in the templates or not.

Also, for transactions of the “SENT” type, the “RECUR” button is available. When you click on it, a window for re-executing the transaction opens, where you can change only the amount. If you want to change other parameters, you need to press “EDIT TRANSACTIONS” and the Send screen will appear.


Let’s take a look at the template manager screen. By swiping left / right on the icon of a specific template, you can show/hide the edit and delete buttons. When clicking on the template, you go to the Send screen, and the recipient’s address is pasted from Template.

When you click on “CREATE TEMPLATE”, a window for creating a template opens, where you must fill in the Template name and address. The address can be entered from the keyboard, pasted from the phone’s clipboard by pressing “PASTE” or scanned using “SCAN CODE”.


The Decentralized applications or Dapps allow performing transactions with digital currencies. Such applications usually have a button for connecting a digital wallet. When pressed, it offers a list of supported wallets to choose from, including the WalletConnect. When WalletConnect is selected, Dapp generates a QR-code for connection.

In the STASIS Wallet application, open the Wallet Connect screen, press the “CONNECT” button and scan the QR-code of connection.

Confirmation is required to successfully connect the wallet to Dapp. After pressing the “APPROVE” button, you need to confirm the operation either with a pin code or fingerprint.

When the cryptocurrency wallet is connected to the Dapp, the “DISCONNECT” button is active — when you press it, the wallet disconnects from the Dapp.

While the connection is active, you can initiate transactions with digital wallet funds n Dapp. Any operation requires confirmation. In the transaction confirmation window, you can change the current commission by moving the corresponding slider. Pressing the “ADVANCED” button opens a window with additional transaction parameters.


The settings screen is divided into three sections: “Preferences”, “Security”, and “Other”.

In the “Preferences” section, you can select the default commission, enable push notifications, and serial numbering of transactions.

The “Security” section allows the user to flexibly configure access to functions applications by pin-code, allow using a fingerprint as an alternative to the pin-code, change the PIN-code and password of the wallet, view passphrase, and also remove the wallet from the application.

In the “Other” section, you can activate a promo code, read information about STASIS or send logs to technical support.

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Want to learn more about what we do? Check out our website, and download the STASIS Wallet.




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