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Tixl Announces Support for EURS — the Largest and Most Euro-Backed Stablecoin

We still live in two worlds, the blockchain and the off-chain realm — which will change sooner than later. We are delighted to announce our partnership with Tixl to help bridging the two worlds.

Tixl, being a project based in the European Union, with an interoperable, minimum-fee, instant tx network, is ideal ground for the EURS Stablecoin developed by STASIS.

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STASIS is a crypto-enabler platform that provides an institutional-grade link between the decentralized finance world and the off-chain market.

Tokenization is the process of representing real-world assets on the blockchain. By combining the immutable record, transaction speed, and accessibility of blockchain technology with traditional assets, it is possible to deepen liquidity and remove intermediaries across a range of asset classes. The EURS stablecoin combines experience, trust, technology, and financial infrastructure to enable business growth, narrowing the gap between the European economic and the digital asset markets.

This in-house solution utilizes multi-blockchain interoperability to shortcut financial inefficiencies, often present in old-school financial systems.

The advent of the Web 3.0 technology layer incentivizes the emergence of on-demand settlement across non-custodial solutions, which is a viable alternative in value transfer channels. Most cryptocurrency holders are subject to significant volatility and counterparty risk. EURS mitigates these risks by letting users hold a stable digital asset, transparently backed by euro reserves.


There is a huge amount of potential for cooperation between STASIS EURO and Tixl.

Listing of EURS in Tixl’s Autobahn Network

Since its inception, EURS has been designed to satisfy the need of the EU zone clients for transparent stablecoin solutions. The project team has been at the forefront of stablecoin operations and the EU zone’s regulatory landscape, developing the EURS cryptocurrency with a strong focus on compliance since day one.

Tixl, being a German project sharing the same values, just listed the EURS Stablecoin as one of the very first ERC20 tokens being available in its Tixl Autobahn Network v0.2. Tixl wants to support the adoption of EURS in any possible way.

Working towards other STASIS Assets on Tixl’s Autobahn Network

EURS is just the first tokenized asset of STASIS. As Tixl’s interoperable, high speed, and tiny fee layer 1+2 is perfectly suited for any tokenized asset, we’ll work on bringing more STASIS assets onto the network as soon as Tixl’s networks evolve and get smart contracts.

Other Areas of Partnership

Sharing the same values, we are perfectly positioned to share knowledge, networks, and anything else we may need to help both projects achieve their goals.

Gregory Klumov, CEO of STASIS EURO, recently said:

“We are happy to unravel this German project helping us to drive EURS adoption within the EU zone. It’s in the interest of all of us that we make crypto EURO available in a fully interoperable, low-cost environment.”

Christian Eichinger, Co-Founder of Tixl, added:

I have used EURS a couple of times already. However, many transactions in Europe are still happening in USDT & USDC — without good reason. We will definitely support the cause that aims to change that.

We are looking forward to working closely with STASIS EURO to bring all benefits for both projects.

STASIS EURO Giveaway in Tixl Wallet

To kick off our official partnership, we present a giveaway for early adopters!

The first 20 users depositing (any amount of) EURS into the Tixl Wallet starting NOW will get €15 in EURS into their Tixl Wallet — for instant & free EURS transactions. Giveaway running for 7 days now. Additionally, follow @stasisnet and @tixlorg on Twitter and retweet the partnership tweet.

Upload your transaction details here to participate.

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