Realo Feature Update #11: Property Page

As you may have noticed, Realo has been growing steadily over the last year. Not only in terms of visits but we also launched quite a lot of new features that allowed us to show users more and better information.

All that extra information was, however, making the property page more complex and increasingly difficult to scan.

Light page, lots of info

So we went back to the drawing board with one main goal: make the property page feel lighter and less intense while maintaining the same amount of useful information.

Less color, more space, same info

We cut back on the different colors, simplified almost every component and gave more space to all these components. This immediately resulted in a more pleasant on-page experience.

Mobile and desktop

Once the first design was ready for mobile, we scaled up step by step using the same principles.

New property page on mobile

On the old property page, we limited ourselves on desktop viewports to only showing one photo on landing. In the new property page design, we tried to make most of the viewport real estate available. This resulted in a beautiful strip of photos coming into its own.

New property page on desktop

Nice extras

Other changes on the new page are:

  • Google Maps and Google Street View are now even better integrated.
  • The ‘Contact the Seller’ sidebar got some new touches.

And last but not least: the page has changed dramatically under the hood, making your experience faster and snappier. But enough talking, check out some properties on Realo and see it for yourself.

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