Realo Feature Update #5

Welcome to our fifth Realo Feature Update! If you haven’t had a chance to read our previous posts, you’re welcome to jump to the Realo Blog.

Specify your search area

When looking for a home, one of the most important criteria is location. You usually have a pretty good picture of where you’d like to start a family, raise your children and grow old. The location you decide on will not always be limited to a postal code, street or city. You might search for a home in three or four different towns or want to live on that side of the river and not the other. Or maybe you’re just looking for an investment property in one specific neighbourhood and not in the entire city. That’s where our ‘Draw on map’ tool comes in.

Draw on map

Draw a shape around the region(s) you would like to live in

On the map view of the search results page, you’ll see a ‘Draw on map’ button. It’ll enable you to make a drawing on the map with your mouse — or finger if you are using Realo on a tablet. Whether you drew a heart shape around your parents’ house or a line along the cost, the search results will now only show listings located in that specific area.

You can also use this feature to exclude neighbourhoods or areas from your search. For instance, if you’d like to live in Ghent but want to exclude the city center, just draw an ‘empty’ circle around it.

Use the ‘Draw on map’ tool to exclude an area from your search

Or maybe you like the Realo logo so much you want to live in it?

Don’t forget to save your search once you made the perfect drawing on the map. Unless you want to start over every time you come back to Realo. That could be fun ;-)

Calculate your commute

Another way to find a home in a certain area is to use our ‘time to travel’ feature. It allows you to enter the address of a place that is important to you — like the your children’s school, your workplace or parents — and instantly find out how long it would take to get from that point to the listing you are looking at. Could come out handy if you don’t want to drive two hours to work or want to pick up your children from school by bike. You can read more about the ‘Time to travel’ feature in one of our previous posts.

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