How Buddhist Compassion uses Delight to bring home Buddha’s teachings of wisdom and compassion

Delight Labs
Jul 24, 2020 · 4 min read
Product Video (also Cantonese version)


Buddhist Compassion is a leading Buddhist media non-profit.

Case Study

Buddhism is the 4th most popular religion in this world, with over 520 million believers thus 7% of the global population.

Tian Tan Buddha

The Need for Digitization — Reaching More Young People

20 years of published content is a trove of content, both in volume and variety.

The lotus flower represents purity in Buddhism

“Buddhism has the ability to inspire compassion and calm the soul. To help more people, we must reach a younger demographic, so leveraging technology is vital,” said Wendy Ma, co-founder of Buddhist Compassion.

“The past few years, we grew our YouTube footprint. Given the rising popularity of voice assistants, now is the time we grow our presence in voice,” she added.

So, Wendy decided to work with Delight to build the first multilingual, voice assistant for Buddhism.

The Innovation Journey

Before Wendy began, she asked the Delight team the following questions:

  1. Can this spiritual assistant work across both phones and home devices like smart speakers? Yes.
  2. Can this support both English and Cantonese Chinese? Yes.
  3. What sort of content should the assistant deliver? It is up to Buddhist Compassion— Delight supports a wide range of multimedia content through a simple dashboard.
Delight dashboard for Buddhist Compassion

“My team didn’t have to know programming or understand natural language processing,” said Wendy. “It was as simple as using a spreadsheet to enter the data and upload the content that we want.”

The content is a mix of Buddhist mantras and words of wisdom, delivered in a multimedia format, to believers. In addition, the Buddhism Compassion team took advantage of a feature that Delight made seamless to integrate: the ability for users to subscribe for daily content delivered via Google Assistant. Subscribers receive daily nuggets of Buddhist wisdom that they can reflect on, practice at and calm their souls with.

Religion in the New Normal

Wendy believes voice interfaces have a significant role to play in how believers engage with their religion at home.

Beads used for Buddhist prayers

State of Voice Portal

Trends in voice and innovative ways to integrate voice into our life.

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