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Category: Retail, E-commerce, Omnichannel

Founded: 1993

Solution: Using Delight to conduct customer surveys in voice, similar to their use of Google Forms and Survey Monkey collect feedback online.

Tell us about your business

MaBelle is one of the world’s largest and most reputable jewelry retailers with 100+ physical stores and a 15-year-old e-commerce business — we are a leader in affordable, luxury jewelry. It is also a family business and a customer-first business that cares deeply about quality and innovation.

Why are you using Delight?

Asking customers for their feedback and suggestions is a core part of our business and we have been consistently conducting surveys both online and in-store for a long time.

We value our customers’ time and respect their busy schedules. With the rise of voice assistants, we saw how quickly customers use Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and Bixby for information or to get things done. Seeing this, we decided to conduct some of our customer surveys via voice.

Based on our research, Delight is the best tool to build voice surveys quickly and efficiently across all major assistants.

What was the voice experience that Delight created for MaBelle?

Here is a video showing how customers can talk to our survey assistant. As you will see, we needed surveys in multiple languages and multilingual support is where Delight shines as well.

MaBelle’s post-sale voice survey

How are you using Delight?

We are using Delight Creator to build the survey. The experience is similar to using Google Forms, TypeForm or SurveyMonkey. We just typed in our survey questions, answer choices and voila it is done.

There are multimedia editing tools where we can upload images and embed videos. That part is similar to creating a social media post on Facebook or Twitter — again, very user-friendly.

What have been the greatest benefits for your business?

Delight has been a great tool for us to:

  1. Collect customer feedback and suggestions in a quick, casual manner
  2. Engage customers in new channels and touchpoints like Google Assistant and Alexa
  3. Expand our reach with early-adopters and Gen Z who are more savvy with technology

We are exploring other ways to use voice too, such as letting users say a simple phrase and accomplish the following:

  • Check order and shipping status
  • Re-order items
  • Join mailing list or hear about the latest promotions

We believe voice as a user-interface is a long-term trend and we are excited to meet our customers wherever they are.

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