Spreading the Catholic Faith through Next-Gen Voice Dialogue with Delight Labs

Delight Labs
Jul 20, 2020 · 3 min read

“As a devout Catholic and Sunday school teacher, it has always been a goal of mine to help guide and teach interested children and friends about the catholic faith. With Delight Labs, I have been able to do just that with the creation of a voice app, an innovative platform that will be seen everywhere in the near future.”

– Zachary Berkenkotter, individual developer

With over 1.3 billion members, Catholicism is the biggest branch of Christianity in the world, and it only makes sense that it should keep up with the world’s emerging technologies and mainstream outlets for user education and consumption. With our increasingly busy lives, it can be hard to make time for every Sunday at church, every prayer group, every religious pursuit out there; voice assistants allow us to bypass this inconvenience and practice faith from our homes, commutes, and even lunch breaks.

Utilizing Delight’s dashboard for voice app creation allowed me to make a small contribution for the education of catholicism in this new voice platform. AI voice assistants are just one of the many emerging advancements in today’s world that will inevitably spread and integrate across workspaces and facilities for its time-saving and smart recommendation capabilities.

Delight Dashboard’s Ease of Use

Creating a voice app with Delight’s software requires no programming experience at all!

Delight Labs is a startup that provides clients and businesses with a platform to create their own voice assistant apps, I was given the opportunity to create my own voice app targeted towards educating others about the catholic faith.

Delight’s platform allows creators to easily tell their customers and listeners, in my case those interested in learning about the catholic faith, all they need to know about a certain product or topic with attached links for further interest. Creating a voice app with Delight’s software requires no programming experience at all! I only needed to include the words, pictures, and links that were to be implemented in my app.

Using the platform, I was able to address over twenty topics about the catholic faith, ranging from core beliefs, prayers, holidays, and the bible. With enough time and interest in the app, the number of topics about the catholic faith which can be added onto the voice assistant’s database is endless.

Try it out yourself

Download the Google Assistant application which is available on both Android and iOS devices. If you have an eligible Android phone, you can also just touch and hold the home button. Open the voice assistant and try the catholic faith action by clearly saying, “Hey Google, talk to Catholic Faith.” Explore the suggested topics provided by Google Assistant or ask any other questions you may have. If the app doesn’t hold knowledge of the topics you desire it will prompt you to other topics you can learn about for the time being.

Although voice technologies are still in their early stages, developments similar to this display how AI will eventually be intertwined with our modern lifestyle. The ease of use and efficiency is unparalleled to any other software, and I am only excited to what the future holds for voice assistants.

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