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Meet Sarah Gemunder: Penn State Junior and Comm 460W Student

Hey everyone! My name is Sarah Gemunder and I am currently a junior at Penn State from Long Island, NY. I am majoring in print/digital journalism with a minor in philosophy.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking and experimenting with plant-based and vegetarian options. I also enjoy doing yoga and meditation combined with crystal work. Although, a lot of my free time is devoted to my pet chinchilla, Chia. Together, Chia and I enjoy taking dust baths and chewing on the kitchen table…well mostly Chia.

I found my love for writing as a sophomore in high school thanks to my free-spirited poetry teacher. In high school, I would write poetry for hours almost every day after school. This turned into dabbling with writing some young-adult fiction. I only wrote about five chapters of this book until I was no longer interested, but it made me realize how much I enjoyed writing. Nothing was ever published, although my teacher encouraged me to believe that I could have a future in writing.

I am currently interested in writing about politics and environmental crises. With the global pandemic on our hands, racial injustices, white supremacists, a climate crisis and so much more destroying our home I want to use my degree to make a difference. I want to write and offer a voice for those who have been silenced. This includes all people, no matter race, age, gender, or sexuality. As well as wild animals who have been captured and kept in captivity. Wildlife losing their home due to climate change and animals being tortured in cosmetic testing facilities.

I am excited to be a student in Comm 460W this semester and I hope I can further learn how to use my writing to give a voice to others.



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