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SOTA News: Tasks and Datasets

StateOfTheArt AI’s latest newsletter on updates and features for our open source research platform and trending papers in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. SOTA 53.

StateOfTheArt AI’s Task and Datasets maps: Computer Vision


This week in Stateoftheart AI (SOTA) news, we wanted to highlight our Task and Data Set map & taxonomy. With computer vision as a trending theme this week, we encourage you to explore our linked data sets and specific tasks to help you further your research aims.

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Featured Paper + Citation Graph

Coming up in a discussion about simulating visual representations and transfer learning, this week we feature Zamir et al’s “Taskonomy: Disentangling task transfer learning” (2018). Here is a direct link to SOTA’s details about the paper, and be sure to check out our citation graph to explore related papers and associated resources.

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Upcoming @ SOTA

Be on the lookout for SOTA at: Effective Altruism UK (June) and CogSci2021 (July). If you’d like to have the SOTA team present on how our platform facilitates collective AI development and can add depth and perspective to your research, contact us.

Start Mapping Your AI Research Today!

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Cheers to exploring the frontiers of AI research, and have a good week!

-The Stateoftheart AI team

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