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This week in Stateoftheart AI (SOTA) news, we wanted to invite you to our Discord server. Our community discusses happenings and trends in AI research, as well as how to further improve the SOTA platform and enhance open-source and collaborative developments.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out our recent Medium post about Repos and Libraries, by Tonio Terán. We discuss the ongoing efforts to wrap models and datasets under a common API across areas to eliminate implementation incompatibilities.

Outside of that, we have updates ahead for our communications team. Please follow us on Twitter, and we invite you to connect with our new LinkedIn and Facebook pages to keep up with the latest updates.

Featured Paper + Citation Graph

This week, we wanted to feature the highly cited Castillo et al’s “Type-2 fuzzy logic: theory and applications” (2007). Here is a direct link to SOTA’s details about the paper, and be sure to check out our citation graph to explore related papers and associated resources. Did you cite this paper or have comments? Check out our Newsletter and Featured Paper discussion channel on Discord as well. Let us know in Discord or via email what paper you think should be featured next week.

Upcoming @ SOTA

Be on the lookout for SOTA at: OHBM Open Science Hackathon (this week!), Effective Altruism UK (June), The OpenWorm Foundation (June), and CogSci2021 (July). If you’d like to have the SOTA team present on how our platform facilitates collective AI development and can add depth and perspective to your research, contact us.

Cheers to exploring the frontiers of AI research, and have a good week!

-The Stateoftheart AI team

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An open-data and free platform built by the research community to facilitate the collaborative development of AI

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