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Highlights from Hacker House w/NEAR: Consensus 2022 and The Graph Hack

In June, States DAO held two Hacker Houses in San Fransisco and Austin!
Thanks to NEAR’s scholarship to States DAO, we were able to accommodate 8 fellows from our 1st fellowship (SDF01) and our community! This article will walk you through our experience. 😎

‘The Graph’ Hacker House in San Francisco

Graph Day & Hackathon Information : (Link)

LEFT: Graph Hack Registration | RIGHT: Meeting with Will Papper (Co-Founder @Syndicate DAO)

🛠 What we built:

COzA (Co2 Awareness)
This project was planned to raise awareness of eco-friendly crypto projects, such as StepN, SleepN, States DAO (because when you’re learning, you’re not producing CO2), and more. The CozA users guess how much Co2 carbon footprint is reduced by these crypto services, and the gamification mechanism rewards them with Awareness-Tokens (AWA). These tokens will also serve as governance tokens in the future.
#CO2 emissions

Click here to find out more!

Presentation on CozA

The ‘Consensus 2022’ Hacker House in Austin

Consensus 2022 (Link)

Outside of the Consensus by CoinDesk conference venue

We attended to the conference site and met many exciting Web3 projects!

While walking around the exhibition halls, we met our partner, AI Network, and their cute Baby Shark mascot. AI Network is currently partnering with Pinkfong on developing Baby Shark NFTs.

AI NETWORK booth, we met Minhyun Kim (CEO of AI Network)

States DAO’s Side Events

Aside from the ‘Consensus 2022' events, States DAO also hosted our own events including a Happy Hour, Korean Barbecue, and Pool Party at the NEAR Hacker House.

🍹 Happy Hour:

We hosted our Happy Hour event at theNEAR Hacker House in Austin. In this spacious and pleasant space, we introduced our vision as a ‘Learning DAO’ and ‘Investing in Human Potential’ to our visitors.

LEFT: Introducing States DAO (Ingi Kim, Founder) | RIGHT: Networking

Our event sponsors, BlockchainSpace, introduced their project during our Happy Hour event. BlockchainSpace enables play-to-earn guilds to scale in the metaverse, serving 24,000+ guilds with 1.5 million players. They have an impressively strong network in the Web3 gaming ecosytem.

BlockchainSpace’s Twitter: Link

Introducing our partner, BlockchainSpace

🥓 Korean BBQ Party:

It was extremely hot in Austin, but we were thrilled to see many people attend and enjoy our K-BBQ Party.

The States DAO team grilled the meat for the visitors to eat. The weather was hot, but we felt our hearts warm-up (or burn up) to see our visitors not only enjoying the food, but also opening up to our team. We were happy to see many people already being so ready to get to know more about us. With great Korean food, all the participants seemed to bond as one.

Serving Korean food and Ingi (Founder of States DAO) pitching States DAO to people

Pool Party during luncheon:

We threw a private Pool Party on yet another hot day. We met many friendly visitors with an open-heart vibe. Here, we were able to be chill and make many new connections!


Thanks to the NEAR Hacker House, we were able to meet amazing people. We would like to thank all the visitors and those who took interest in States DAO. Above all, we would like to express our gratitude for NEAR, who provided us with scholarships and helped us organize States DAO’s side events.

Love you all, and see you soon 🙌

NEAR scholarships from States DAO for The Graph hack(the left) and The Consensus(The right)

🧑‍🎓 Scholarship Students’ Reviews:
Click the name below to read what our scholarship students learned throughout the scholarship program.

You can also listen to their stories in live during our Open Session on July 21st hosted on Zoom! Join our Discord to check the link for attending!

Korean Reviews
Yewon Bahn| Sangho Yun| Shawn Park| Alex Chang|Seungwook Han

English Reviews
Jongseo Kim | Jonny Lim

Thank you again, NEAR!

Stay tuned for our upcoming events!
We plan to host more Hacker Houses in New York and events in Seoul starting in July, so don’t miss the upcoming notices! 😉👇

We are also recruiting ambassadors for the NYC Hacker House now!


Discord | Twitter | Website

States DAO is a decentralized incubation for individuals looking to onboard into Web3. With a wide range of resources including, venture investments, grant, and job openings — the opportunities are endless!

Start your Web3 journey with States DAO now!



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