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Meet States DAO fellowship Projects Showcased on Demo Day!

After three months of hard work, we celebrated the first States DAO Demo Day with our 1st Cohort Fellowship. Fellows and mentors on June 2, 2022. twenty-three people attended on Zoom and shared their projects. The projects turned out great and there were active discussions as to how we might develop them further in the future. Here is the summary of the projects showcased.

‘NFT Ranks’ by Yewon Bahn.

‘NFT Ranks’, detect fraudulent NFTs

Yewon Bahn (from Steve’s unit) presented the project, ‘NFT Ranks.’ Out of NFTs on the market, 81.2% are scams, and there are many types of NFT buyers such as Flipper, Gambler, HODler, Gamer, Newbie, and Collectors. Yewon wanted to find healthy NFT projects for the Collector type of NFTs buyers. This project analyzes the NFT owner’s transaction records and wallets, presents these data as portfolios, and provides buyers with reliable information on NFT projects.

‘The Button’ by Jaehoon Shim

‘The Button,’ a concept based on a social experiment

Jaehoon Shim(from Steve’s unit) introduced ‘The Button’ which was an idea that originated from a famous social experiment on Reddit. People would pay a small amount of money to press a button, and over time the pot accumulates to a larger and larger amount. The last person to press the button receives the pot, so if nobody remembers to click the button, the game ends.
- Demo website:

‘SPLYT’ by Sangho’s team

‘SPLYT,’ BNPL service for NFT purchases

Sangho’s team presented their company’s project “SPLYT.” Currently, in order for someone to purchase an NFT, they must pay the entire price upfront. But Sangho’s team wanted to incorporate the BNPL(Buy now, pay later) model which is a popular form of payment in real-life commerce, to provide more options for how the NFT collector might want to pay for their purchase. SPLYT, or the Split Pay protocol allows the collector to purchase NFTs in two installments, 50% upfront and 50% a month later using the NFT itself as collateral. They now have a working prototype, and as soon as they prove their concept to be viable, they are planning to develop this as a business.
- Team: Sangho, Shawn, and Won

‘Send States’ by States DAO

States DAO also presented our brand new ‘Send States’ platform during this Demo Day. This project started from our own need to send out tokens to multiple users. Right now, it only supports Luna, but we are preparing for updates on supporting more tokens like Klaytn and NEAR.
- Website:

States DAO Online Demo Day

Stay tuned for more updates on our Fellowship Program and more.
We are currently getting started on our 2nd Cohort Fellowship, and also recruiting mentors and fellows for our 3rd Fellowship Program! If you are interested, please apply from this link :) (Link)

To see the full video of our Demo Day, please see this clip.

States DAO first Demo Day video

For more information,



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