How Do We Validate The Data Being Entered?

We’ve gotten this question a LOT so far, and it’s 100% valid. How do we authoritatively validate all the games and info that’s being entered? What stops a person from just entering they hit 400 homers in baseball, swam a 3 minute mile, and scored 239 soccer goals last week? Well the short answer is: We can’t. BUT, we CAN mark and validate who is ENTERING the data.

The most authoritative source to validate the info is going to be cross-team checking. What’s that mean? That means that if 2 people on opposite teams are scoring a game, and ultimately come up with the same statistics at the end, you can likely bet your bottom dollar that the stats are true. Not 100% of the time, but MOST of the time — as sometimes it may be best buddies playing each other and want to pump up their stats. We’re watching that too, which weighs in to our factoring of the validity of the stats.

In the absense of both teams having authentic scoring mechanisms, we’re weighting the enterer of the statistic. So likely, the most authoritative person entering is going to be the league president/admin, then maybe the team manager, then maybe a bystander (parent) the probably the player themselves. We are currently marking who entered each of the stats with varying degrees of trust. We then take that trust level and will eventually rank the stats based on that level of detail. ValidStats is our vision there (in ALPHA testing) where we’d just add another filter to the ALL PLAYERS sorting table to show a valid stat.

Isn’t that shorting the player though? I can vouch for him! Well, sure, you can vouch for the player, and you may NOT be able to be the league administrator or the coach, so how can you prove your worth? We’ll bump up your percentage of awesomeness and truthfulness if you show us over “x” amount of games that you’re not fudging the scoring of the game.

So what apps are you deeming “valid” to enter stats? That’s the $1,000,000 question right now, right? We don’t want to be in the “app” business, we just want to be the backend validation of the stats. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of desktop apps our there right now that each team manager likes to use. We don’t want to stop that — we just think it better to partner with that desktop app builder and get them to pipe the data to our XML API. You don’t change anything on your end, we just work with that vendor and do all the magic from the backend. If their app is a ValidStat app, we’ll note that and their scoring system validity will go up!