How It Works

So you’re curious as to what we’re cooking over here, eh? We’re happy to tell you how it all gets baked in, and why we’re unique from the competition.

First off, our main focus is the player. There are many sites out there that focus on the team, and team statistics (we do that too, by the way), but nobody focuses on driving the player themselves as the centerpiece, and integrating all the ways you USED to keep your stats online in one place, until now.

We have several methods for getting your stats to us, you choose how you want to get them to us. From there, magical robot work tirelessly on the back-end to create a seamless front-end for you and your team to see your stats.

We employ a handful of different methods for the “HOW” of it all — between XML, CSV, and CuRL scripts we grab and gather all your past sports into one easy to consume profile page.

We saw a gap in the market today where we could drive some change for the good, so we put some time, money, and effort forth to see if we could make something valuable — and we’re making some decent waves thus far. Our vision is to help YOU get the exposure you need to get to the next level of your game!

So that’s the “how” of the operation, but the long “how-to” story short:

  1. Play your game
  2. Get us your data
  3. Share that data with potential scouts, recruiters, and colleges to get noticed with the focus on YOU!