How To Get a Customized StatFame URL!

So you’re thinking it is time to get rid of that boring old longURL you’ve got for your player profile, so it’ll be easier to send to your friends and family, eh? We hear you, it’s magical coding jibberish to most of us — no problem, we’ve got you covered! 
First, log into your account, and the first page you’ll be presented with will have an option to the right that looks a little something like this now:

profile page

If you’ve got more than one profile claimed, you can change it per profile, in this case, I have 2 claimed. So I have 2 different URLs I can use for each profile.

Click the “edit” button and the window will expand and give you the ability to choose your own shortURL — in this case, I chose “andy”.


Click the “update” button after typing in your preferred shortURL and you’re good to go! As long as nobody else has that short URL, it’s all yours, but be quick as they’re first come first serve!