We’ve fixed the bug with counting runs scored!

So we had a few folks pinging us saying that their iScore runs on the device weren’t synching up with their StatFame runs scored. We did some digging, and sure enough there were some inconsistencies. We must say though, there are some peculiar ways that people score a game that we need to get used to!

The top few (in no particular order) as they were scored in the book:

  • The player stole home. Unique, certainly. 3 times in a game though? Wow, nice work!
  • On the device, it was scored as a SacFly from 1st. That’s quite a hit, but we aren’t one to decide! We just run the numbers!
  • Batter walks, then scores in the same sequence. We could only deduce that the batter walked. The pitcher got back on the mound for the next batter, and the runner just kept moving around the basely very stealthily!

Anyway, just thought we’d share those and let you know they’re looking good now! Let us know if you have any other unique scoring situations and we’ll take a look!

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