What Does StatFame Offer That iScore Doesn’t?

We get this a lot, especially since we started charging for the PRO service. The point being here that we absolutely use and love iScore’s mobile app (ANDROID/iPHONE) — it’s a great pair with our product and 80% of our users use it to get their stats to us, so go buy it today!

One of the reasons we started StatFame was that there wasn’t a good frontend to showcase a players talent once the stats were kept. We started StatFame to provide just that — a place to showcase a players talents to help them get to that next level. We wanted to make it easy for the player, and create as many ways as possible to get us your stats. iScore is one of those great ways.

The kicker is that iScore also offers a website hosting service for those stats, and people ask us why they should use ours instead of the similarly priced iScore version. Well, there are a few things we have that they don’t:

  1. PERSONALIZED PLAYER PAGES — A player needs their own space to show their stuff! Sure, it’s a team game, but having that one page to show off your stats to friends, family, recruiters and scouts can be big boost!
  2. YEAR OVER YEAR STATS — Think of us as an online baseball card. iScore shows your team with the current year. We’ll keep your stats for as many years as you want to give us and show them to the world on your player page!
  3. CUSTOMIZED URLS -Nobody wants to share a page that’s got 100 characters in it. We’ll give you a brand spanking new one that doesn’t take a computer to remember statfame.com/p/YOURNAME
  4. BADGES — Who doesn’t like receiving badges when getting to that next level of your game. We incentivize you to play well in real life to catch they eyes of the right folks online!
  5. EXPERIENCE POINTS — The badges are fairly easy to grab, but this data point encourages just participation. Your experience points go up with each game you and increase by various levels along the way.
  6. EMAIL/FAX US YOUR SCORECARD — We’ll do all the hard work inputting the data. You just keep score the way you always have kept score, no matter to us.
  7. TEAM LEADERS — Just like they do on ESPN, we show how you’re stacking against your own team with a sortable and detailed list of stats!
  8. LEAGUE LEADERS — Everyone wants to see how they rank against the competition! We have a comprehensive list of people in your age group and location that you can see how your season is going vs. theirs!
  9. SABERMETRICS — We have a page of profile stats dedicated to the intense dissection of non-standard (but still relevant) stats pertaining to your game!
  10. CLAIM YOUR PROFILE — Want to spice up your page? Upload videos/photos? Claim your profile and get noticed by the people that matter in your sports career! We’ll help!
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