Where To Begin!

First off, we’ve got 2 separate tracks based on how you plan on using the site. If you’re a manager, and have a bunch of players, you’ll want to MANAGE YOUR TEAM. You’ll want to register and navigate to the “Import Data” tab after you’ve signed up to choose your method of getting stats to us. If you’re just a player wanting to claim your already paid for/imported stats, head HERE to see how to claim your profile and start making it your own!

enable this

You’ll notice that the boxes are greyed out, that’s because we don’t know who you are yet!

You’ll need to click the “enable this” link to get you started. It’ll take you over to the “Subscription Plan” tab.

If you’re just wanting to upload your games to us via a basic CSV file (example), you’re golden and can use the FREE version to your heart’s content, just head back to the “Import Data” tab and click “Add”:


However, if you’re looking to spice things up a bit, and harness the true power of the StatFame platform, choose the Pro or AllStar Subscriptions (details on both HERE)! When enabled, that’ll unlock different pieces of the platform, namely the iScore and FixedIT imports.

If you choose one of these models, first off, thanks! Secondly you’ll need to get us the funds. Hop on over to the “Billing” tab (it will prompt you) and there you’ll create your Paypal subscription. From there, you’re on your way and you’ll start seeing your stats usually within an hour. If it’s longer, give us a holler and we’ll take a look!

From there you can take a few different paths depending on what you’re looking for! Here are a few choice paths people have ventured on after setting it up:

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